Thursday, October 18, 2012

Baseball Fever

I think it's genetic--- and I've never been more excited to pass something down to the kids. :)

We've seriously enjoyed the last week of watching our beloved Cardinals on TV.  We only have the basic channels, so throughout the season we've caught a game here-and-there (and even in the hospital when Luke was born).  It's only been since the beginning of the NLCS that we've watched them frequently.

Jared, particularly, gets excited when the Cardinals get a hit or run.  Since he has to go to bed before the game ends (even yesterday because of the rain delay), he asked me to remember to tell him if they won or not.  The other morning, after they won Game 1, I came into his room and woke him up like this:

Me: Good Morning, Jared.
Jared: Good Morning, Mommy.
Me:  Guess what, Buddy?
Jared (cautionously excited):  Whhhh--at?
Me: The Cardinals WON last night!
Jared (SUPER excited):  Woo Hoo!  Go Cardinals!  I love baseball! (Okay.... I added the last one)

So cute!  He still has a little bit of a hard time understanding the game, but nothing a little T-Ball next year can't cure!

The pictures are when we dressed all three kidlets in their Cardinals gear. 

Go Cardinals!  12 in '12!!!

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