Wednesday, September 19, 2012

One versus Three

Yesterday, I decided to be brave and take my first step outside with just me and kids.  All three of them.  We've all been a little stir crazy during my recovery time, so we just made the short trip over to the park.

Jared showed me how he could be a "Super Jared" on the bars.

They played a little bit of Tag.

While Luke decided to celebrate by falling sleep as soon as we got there (he is only three weeks old).

Proof I was there watching them the whole time.

We had a great time up until Jared needed to do his 'business' and I didn't bring the pool key (where the park pottys are located).  Luckily, we got home without 'soiling' our first adventure... HA, get it.  Obviously, I don't get a lot of sleep right now...

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