Sunday, September 23, 2012

Music in the Home

Jared's First 'Lesson' :)
One of the things I wish I would have done growing up was learn how to play an instrument--- specifically the piano.  In fact, whenever I got the chance, I'd self-teach a few notes on the piano (basically at my Grandparents' house or at church).  I know circumstances out of my parent's control was the main reason behind this, so this isn't to call them out, it's just back-story.

I wanted to play so bad that one of the things always on my list (you know, the one of desired qualities in my future eternal companion), besides sense of humor and worthy Priesthood holder, was that he had to play an instrument.  So, you can imagine how much my attraction to Greg increased when I found out he played FOUR--- piano included.

Since are both musically inclined, we've ALWAYS wanted a piano in the home, especially since we noticed just how much of that Jared has inherited.  However, you either need to inherit one or save FOREVER, which is much easier without student debts and such (or find a steal on Craigslist).  A couple weeks ago, we were asked by our friends if we wanted to housesit their piano.  One of their parental sets were moving out and they had a baby grand that needed to go somewhere.  They aren't sure how long the folks will be living with them, so they needed a place for their piano.  Um... let me think about this one... YES!

They moved it over last Wednesday and we're already enjoying it.  Greg has tinkered on it every day for a little bit of time and I absolutely LOVE having music being played in our house. The first day, the kids didn't notice it, so Greg woke them up from nap time by playing something for them.  Greg even had a impromptu 'First Piano Lesson' with Jared; he learned the first phrase of "I am a Child of God."

Our friends might have to pry the piano away from us, when their folks eventually move out.  Just kidding, plus it'd be kind of hard to say we misplaced a piano....

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