Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Meet 'n Greet

The day after Luke was born, Sunday, the kids came to meet him.  Our friends, who took our kids to church, came by after--- and they came with a camera.

When they first came in the room, both kids were apprehensive; especially since I didn't get up to hug them.  When they came over to me Jared saw Luke in his boppy and wouldn't stop staring.  "Baby Luke is out of your tummy now, Mommy"  Yep, I know buddy.

Then, we asked Jared if he wanted to hold Luke.  It was so cute to see him be so gentle and so excited to have a little brother.  Jared was really bummed when his turn was over.  While Jared was holding Luke, we tried to get Annabelle interested in Luke, but she would not have it.

I think she knew her world just changed.  Mostly she spent time sitting in Luke's boppy and sitting with me.  She asked me why I was in bed, why I had an IV in, if Luke was coming home with us (and if he was still in my belly).  When we finally got her to hold Luke, it was for a few seconds and she was unsure the whole time.

We think she warmed up to Luke a little more after "he" gave both she and Jared new books.  What a nice little brother they have.

After a little while, it got tiring for both Luke and I to have visitors, so we said 'loves' and 'byes' until the next day when we got discharged, but not until we took a new family photo.

It's still odd to think we have a little family of FIVE.

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