Thursday, September 13, 2012

Luke's First: Infection

Our poor little newborn hit a milestone every parent wishes would never happen: he already dealt with his first infection.  On our second night in the hospital, I noticed a little bit of eye boogers in his eye.  My nurse said that he's be okay; newborns sometimes have issues with completely clearing their eye ducts.

So, a couple days into being home, I go to get Luke up for his first feeding of the morning and his eyes are glued shut because of all his eye boogies.  Poor baby had to go to the doctor anyway for his newborn check-up, so the doctor looked in his eyes and said it was an infection.  I knew he'd be on the fast track for hitting milestones, I just hoped this one would be one of the lasts. :(

Since he's a newborn, we have to put the drops in twice a day for 10 days--- which means we're almost done.  The infection isn't painful, we just want to keep it from getting worse.  He's been a trooper, but we're all done with the routine of putting in the eye drops (especially when we're just supposed to be getting used to having three kids).  However, I am grateful it's something that can be fixed and not something that didn't require a hospital stay--- my recovery sleep-deprived brain is just trying to say, I'm grateful it's not worse, because it could be worse.

Such is life, I guess.

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