Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Luke: 2 Weeks

Weight: 8 lb 2 oz (50th percentile)
Height: 21 inches (50th percentile)
Head Circ.: 14 cm (30th percentile)

As you can see Luke is growing just fine.  At the end of the visit today, his doctor turned to me and said, "you two just make perfect little babies, now don't you?"  She's been the kid's doctor since moving here... when Jared was 9 months old.  I think that's super cool--- especially since she's so great--- we're not planning to change until the kids are too old to go there.

Everyone is still MAJORLY in love with Luke.  It's hard not to be since he's a great baby.  The only problem was figuring out what do to at feeding time, but now he eats like a champ.  Jared and Belle both LOVE to help with him whenever they get a chance.

I'm doing my best to get out, like our {family outing} to the park, but trying not to push myself at the same time. We survived our first week without Daddy during the day, so I think that's a plus.  Another plus has been the amazing help from our ward family.  We've been so taken care, I still haven't made dinner since having Luke (helps that I did some freezer meals as well.)

All in all, I think we're adjusting to our new dynamic, in time for it to keep changing as the kids grow.  Oh well... I guess we'll manage. ;)

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