Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ward Talent Show: Sunday School

Remember how I mentioned in our anniversary post that we were spending the evening in the most romantic way possible... at our Ward Talent Show?  Greg works with the youth, I knew we needed to go and support--- and not use our anniversary as an excuse out.  So, a few weeks ago, I figured if we're going to go the talent show, we might as well DO something for it.

Driving home from one of my doctor appointments, the idea came to me:  BYU Divine Comedy's sketch about Sunday School.  I knew I could get it on YouTube, the challenge would be convincing our close friends (i.e. practically family) to do it with us.  Turns out... they were all excited to do it!  So, I went to work transcribing and reworking the script to fit six adults and more-modern times.

We then spent the next 3 FHEs rehearsing our lines and crossing our fingers that Baby L would not make his appearance before that night.  All of our rehearsing paid off.  We were actually the only adult group to do anything and it was so much fun.  Afterwards, we got some complements; we even had the Sunday School teacher joking come up to us and say, "hey, now what are you trying to say about my lessons?!?"  I'm so grateful we have incredible friends who are willing to go along with some of my crazy ideas.

Enjoy!  (Yep, that's our group of kids repeating the lines because they've heard them multiple times).

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