Friday, August 31, 2012

Quick Update

AMBO:  So so SO DONE being pregnant.  My 'To-Do Before Baby Comes' List is nearly complete, which is an accomplishment itself because I'm always just so tired.  I know it comes with the territory and I'll be forever grateful that we were able to get pregnant again... I'm just done.  Tomorrow is how far along I was when I had Annabelle, so here's hoping.

GWEG:  On the 18th, Greg took a day off work to help one of his former scouts with his Eagle project.  Normal back-breaking Eagle project labor that he can usually handle.  Well, when he got home, he was exhausted.  To the point, we almost didn't go to the temple.  Almost; we knew it'd be our last time for a while, so off we went.  When we got home, Greg had a fever.  Not just a simple low-grade one either; a 'whoa, he's sick' fever.  The weekend went by (I went to church by myself with the kids) and he was still sick, so he went to the doctor on Monday.  First thing she said was: Mono, but we won't know for a few days.  I thought that was so strange; I knew the same afternoon when I got it as a teen.  Greg spent the whole next week and part of this week home with us.  He's doing mostly better and we're both super grateful Baby L didn't make his appearance before I was full-term.

JARED:  Since the weather has cooled down we've been going on more walks.  The problem with going on walks is when we go: at dusk.  On our first walk, we forgot to spray Jared.  In the middle of bed time routine, he mentioned how itchy he was--- he had FIVE bites.  Since then, we remember to spray him--- except for this last time and he got a bite on his foot.  When Jared gets bites on the outer part of his extremeties there is usually swelling involved.  The bite on his foot got so bad, Greg had to take him to urgent care.  While there, they reviewed how to take care of his foot, stuff we haven't heard before.  However, it seems after this round of "Jared the Bug Buffet," we have a system.  A system that involves Calomine Lotion, Kiddo Benadryl and lots of cuddles.

ANNABELLE:  She is the sassiest little two-year-old you will EVER meet.  I'm SO hoping her teenage year aren't as sassy and that she and I have a good relationship... tangent... anyway... Part of the reason why she is so sassy is because she is so smart.  She knows I have to go to the hospital to have the baby and constantly tells me with what she is going to help with when he's born.  My hope is that she'll still like him...

BABY L:  Full-term, active and ready to come out.

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