Monday, August 6, 2012

Annabelle's First: Haircut

A couple days ago I finally gave in... Annabelle got her first REAL haircut.  It's probably best since she is a few months away from turning 3.  Before Saturday, her hair cuts were just little trims, mostly to get her bangs out of her face.  Lately, we haven't even worried about those because Annabelle is growing her bangs out (she's only two and has a VERY strong opinion on how her hair looks).

Since she's my first girl I was waiting to see if her hair would thicken up or change a little; the only thing that's changed is it's length.  It was finally getting long enough (i.e. TOO much like a mullet) that we had a nice girl outing to get it fixed.

During--- watching Care Bears

 She did fantastic in the chair.  She spent the time watching Care Bears, driving her car to see Daddy, and telling me which animals were on her cover.  The girl cutting her hair started the last one up because Annabelle wouldn't keep her head down.

Afterwards, she told anyone who would listen that she got her haircut.  Two days later, she randomly came up to Greg and said, "Daddy, I got my hair cut."

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