Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Annabelle's First: Dentist Trip

Yesterday we took Annabelle to the Dentist for the first time and she did a great job.  She and Jared both had their teeth cleaned.  They sat so nicely together in the chair (mostly because I think they were both a bit unsure).
The patients

Gayle, our Hygienist, was fantastic with them.  She made sure they knew exactly what she was doing, when she was doing it.  She was kind, understanding and didn't mind when they wiggled a little.  She even let them explore the Dentist tools.
ooo... a mirror stick
 Jared was the first one up and showed Annabelle just how it was done.  He sat nicely and pulled out the "Shy Jared" routine, so Gayle was able to finish him quickly.

Annabelle wanted to watch what she was doing the whole time, so it took convincing to get her to look at the ceiling.  Once she saw the magic of the Dentist Ceiling TV, we had a hard time getting her to look back down.  Gayle was so efficient with the kids that it took them longer to pick out their toothbrushes and 'treasure toy.'
She's not as concerned as she looks....

Here they are showing off their newly cleaned teeth.... or looking at the Ceiling TV.

I sure hope they're this good in six months. :)

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