Monday, August 13, 2012

A Little 'Sprinkle'

On Saturday, my friends were so sweet and threw me a little Baby Sprinkle.  Since it's my 3rd baby and 2nd boy, I don't really need anything.  I just wanted to get together for some good food and chatting time.  It was perfect.  We had meat and chocolate there (per request of the pregnant cravings), everyone ended up bringing something new for Baby L to call his own (so sweet) and we had a great time together.

After the sprinkle, three of us went out for pedicures.  It's a semi-tradition for me to do this at the end of my pregancies.  I like to have pretty toes to stare at when I'm laboring and recovering.  I got one with Jared and missed it with Annabelle because I thought I had two more weeks.  I didn't want to push it this time, just in case he's a little early like Bellie, so I got them done a few weeks early.  It felt so so nice to get my feet worked on and, strangely enough, I feel just a little bit more ready for Baby L to come.  Woot.

FYI:  I look tired because my Braxton Hicks kept waking me up the night before.  This is the part of pregnancy that's really hard on me.  I have usually easy beginnings and middles, but the ending is littered with contractions and uncomfortableness.  It's worth it though, to hold my cute little boy in the end.

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