Sunday, July 15, 2012

Superstitious Birthday

Birthday Fun!
Yep, it's official I'm 28.

Not only did I turn 28 this year, it was the best day to have a birthday: Friday the 13th. Being born on Friday the 13th, I've never had a problem with the day and all of the myths surrounding it.  I look forward to the celebrations each time my birthday rolls around to a Friday.

The day lived up to all of my Friday birthday before except it was the first time in 8 years that I hadn't spent it with Greg.  Having him here would have made the day perfect; in fact, that was my dream a couple days before my birthday.  I dreamed my birthday surprise was Greg and he walked into the folks' house just before we went out to dinner.  Surprise!  I'm here for a week instead of a weekend.  The next time we skyped, he had to thoroughly convince me that was not going to happen.  Without him, it was still a great day.

Dinner Fun
We didn't really do much in the morning except for have yummy Pumpkin Pancakes made by my Mom (that's what happens when you visit on your birthday while 30 weeks pregnant).  Greg sent me a couple of CDS through Amazon and they arrived just in time before we went out to do some Wedding Shopping

For dinner, we all met up at the restaurant we spotted a {few days ago} on the beach.  Ever since my folks moved to Seattle, I've wanted to try Pacific Northwest seafood (similar to going to Texas and finding a Barbeque or TexMex joint).  So, off we went on my birthday.  It was fun (all except for the snippy waitress telling us to hurry our order up so other patrons could come--- not cool).  She toned down once someone let it slip (*cough* Zak) that it was my birthday.

Beach Fun
The food did not disappoint;  I had super yummy Lobster Bisque and the world's best Crab Cakes.  Seriously THAT good.  So good, I took a picture and I usually don't take pictures.  When it was time for dessert, everyone ordered something with their meals, except me; I wanted to make something when we got home.  However, the waitress noticed I was the only one without a dessert, and probably making up for trying to kick us out, brought out a Sundae WITH a candle.  It was a pleasant little surprise; I was too busy being surprised that Annabelle leaned over and helped me blow out my candle.  Super cute.  She also enjoyed her dessert so much, she left a ring around her face.  Also super cute.

After dinner, since we were already at the beach, we played on the playground, walked around and did some more shell hunting.  Jiji attempted to teach the kids to skip rocks; being 4 and 2, they couldn't catch on, however, they sure got good at throwing rocks into the ocean or finding ones for Jiji to skip.  They both fully enjoyed have Jiji there this time.  They also got a little braver in going in the water, also thanks to Jiji.  Jared even figured out the joys of running up and down the beach--- complete with a wipe out at the end.
Running... running... running... WET!
 Annabelle didn't wipe out, but she'd bend over to get more rocks for Jiji and the back of her skirt would get wet.  I even took a video while we there:

Once everyone was warm and dried off, I got to skype Gweg (yay for birthday skypes) and we then ended the day playing with bubbles in the backyard.  Oba found a pack of 20ish bubble toys for $2, so we broke into them.

No cursed birthday here.  Just a great day with great people.  Mostly perfect.

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