Sunday, July 1, 2012

Supermall Fun

In Seattle, they have ALL kinds of indoor activities.  I guess it makes sense since it rains most the time here.  While we were out today, the grand-rentals thought it would be fun to take the kids to this place called the 'Supermall.'

Inside they had all kinds of activities, but we went for the free (or mostly free ones).

The kids spent most their time at the Play Area designed to mimic the upper Northwest.  Complete with water, Mr. Rainer, big trees, and trucks... okay the trucks were there because a local dealership sponsored the area.  It would be kind of hard for the kids to slide/climb on a Prius or Subaru.

Bellie actually slept through some of our time here; we're still getting used to the time change.

After the play area, Oba mentioned a Merry-Go-Round in another part of the mall.  So off we went to find it.  Jiji and I opted not to ride on it; so glad I made that choice.  It was literally the world's fastest carousel.  I was getting nauseated just watching the thing.

We finished our Supermall adventure with a little bit of Orange Julius and Cinnabon--- because, after all--- we were in a mall.


  1. What a cool place! Love Belle's dress too!

    1. I know, right?! Thanks! My sister made it for her; she LOVES it!



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