Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Splash Park

The last time we came out to Seattle, a couple years ago, the area had a CRAZY heat wave.  It was typical South Texas temps, but without the A/C.  Yuck.  We didn't expect to have 'hot' weather, so we didn't bring any swim gear.  Since we wanted to have some water fun, we ended up getting Jared an outfit to get wet in and I borrowed a swimsuit from Meg.  Fast forward to packing for this trip... I mentioned to Greg that I should pack our swim stuff... just in case.  He said, "I think you need the room more than the swim gear."  I should've packed the gear then and there, but I didn't.

A few days later, we notice the forecast for this week.  Highs in the 80s.... swimming weather here.  My folks then mentioned a 'Splash Park' in town which they think the kids would enjoy.  So, I convinced Greg to send out their swimsuits, and the day they came (yesterday) off we went to the Splash Park.

The kids were SO EXCITED when we got there.  However, it wasn't to last.  Oba & Jiji were brave enough to take the kids over in the wet zone (Jiji was the only adult to wear his suit--- props Pops).  They inched closer and closer to the water.  Until, unknown to him, Jared was standing right under a bucket which tips when there's just enough water in it.  Literally seconds after he was in range, there was just enough water in the bucket. 

My little Texas babies are used to warm-ish water to get wet in.  So, as soon as they felt the water temperature, they had to be coerced into getting wet.  Jared shivered while he tried to play, and Annabelle kept saying, "it's cold." Jiji got them to go over some 'geysers,' in a water tunnel, and play with a squirt gun.  They lasted about 10 minutes before they were little Texan Popsicles.

The kids couldn't leave without playing on the park, so after a quick warm-up cuddle with Oba & Jiji, they were off to try the latest and greatest in playground equipment, complete with a ground zip-line.  The zip line was so cool, I took a video:

I'm so impressed at how brave the kids are, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have tried it at their ages.  We then ended our outing by starting dinner a little early with some snacking.  Overall, everyone had a good time... even if the kids are used to mostly warm water. :)

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