Monday, July 30, 2012

Seattle Leftovers

As if I didn't write enough about our trip to Seattle, I would regret missing some of the other adventures from our trip...


We had LOTS of food adventures on our trip (from Clockwise, starting upper left):  One night, we had a Star Wars Dinner picnic in the living room.  I need to remember to have more indoor picnics at home.  Since we eat a lot of Japanese food, the kids got some training chopsticks; it's the only thing they use to eat Japanese food now.  We celebrated 7-11 day and got our free 7.11 oz slurpees.  By the time we got there, the slurpee choice was small and it was more like drinking syrup (for everyone but me because they had my flavor--- Pina Colada.).  Aunt Meggie surprised the kids with Bento Boxes and some supplies.  We spent some lunch times figuring out what to put in them.  They are showing off their Hot Dog Octopi.


With the time change, we had a couple instances of passing out on the floor or on people (the second picture).  The first picture is how they were when I came up to go to bed one night.  Overall, sleeping in the same room wasn't too bad.  My hip bugged me constantly up there and it went away once we got home, so I'm pretty sure that was because I slept on a futon for a month.

FUNNY (because it's now in the past) STORY:  Our room for the visit was Jiji's office.  He has most of his books, golf memoriblia, man cha-keys (like bobble-heads) and a rather large collection of baseball hats in there.  He also has two full bookshelves.  A couple weeks into our stay, it's late; late as Mom & Pops were already in bed while the rest of us were downstairs chatting.  Mom appears at the top of the stairs, summoning me up with the words every parents dreads, "your kids are still awake."  I get to the top and she then tells me the rest of the story.

While in their room, she and Pops heard a THUMP coming from the office.  Mom went to go check it out and COULDN'T OPEN the door.  Why?  Because it was blocked by books.  The kids decided to take EVERY. SINGLE. BOOK.  from the bottom three shelves off and put them on the floor.  Mom & I helped them clean it up while we tried to get the truth out.  We never figured out who had the idea and who followed.  I was amazed they got through so many books before getting caught.  This was the only incident we had with them touching things in the office; they were really good for spending their sleeping time in a room full of things they weren't allowed to touch.


The whole reason for coming out extra early was so we could help with wedding preparation.  I think we fulfilled that task.  We, as a whole group, made everything--- the invitations, decorations, dessert bar, candy bar--- EVERYTHING.  Megan almost single-handedly baked all of the cake pops, cookies, and cupcakes (about 300 or so)--- Jared tried to help wherever he could.  Krystal wanted the floating lanterns from Tangled and so, I spent a day mod podging suns and butterflies onto lanterns.  This was only a fraction of what everyone did to help Z & Krystal have a great wedding day and--- IT WORKED!

Mema & Deda

The first day Mema & Deda arrived they helped with the wedding by taking the kiddos off our hands, so we could get our hands busy with preparation.  They had a great time and still talk about going back to that park.

Fun Box

I mentioned the Fun Box in {THIS} post.  The kids had fun with all of things they found in the box.  Painting magnets and pictures, new cars, water balloons, bubbles, squirt guns, stamps, and books.  Some things we even *accidentally* left there (not at all because I didn't want to have MORE things crowding our house... nope...).

Random of the Random

(Clockwise starting from the Top-Left):  The last week of Parker's mission, we sent him a postcard message--- one word on 16 individual cards.  We each made at least one and all signed the last one.  When he left for home, he was only missing one.***We had some serious fun in the backyard (has nothing to do with being cooped up in the crazy heat back home).  One night, Oba taught the kids Hopscotch using sidewalk chalk.  When she went to clean it up, the kids got a little too close to the water.  Whoops.*** Some nights, I staggered the bed times for the kids.  On these nights, Jared got a special book and read it with Aunt Meggie.  He loved his reading time with her and it was neat to see them have special time together. *** Like I mentioned in the {Supermall} post, Seattle has no shortage of indoor play areas.  One day, Meg, Mom and I took turns getting haircuts.  The kids spent the time on the mall's two areas: a train and a boat.  Jared's telling me that he's the Captain of the boat; he then try to 'catch' the boat and jump onto the back.  Annabelle spent the time sitting on the smokestack or walking around the edge--- our little daredevil.

And then one of my favorite pictures of the trip....

Dad tackled Mom, so the kids thought it would be fun to dog pile on Oba & Jiji.  So funny, I simply HAD to take a picture.  It also pretty much sums up our trip.  I'm very grateful we were able to go out to help with the wedding and spend time with family.  We usually only get to see my folks once, maybe twice, a year, so it was nice to spend some extended time with them (and my siblings and new sibling-in-law).  Memorable, yes.  Worth it, yes.  However, I don't think we'll spend SO much time away from home (and Greg) again...

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