Thursday, July 12, 2012

Movin' to the Beat

The dancers.
Before we came out, Oba started collecting small cha-keys for the kids to earn when they were good.  We call it the Fun Box.  The kids still earn CTRs, like they do at home, and when they earn enough, they get to pick out of the Fun Box.

Yesterday, they found some necklaces in the box, and decided to have some fun with those (go figure).  They discovered if they danced around, while wearing the necklaces, they would makes noises.  It was funny to watch because they looked like they were doing some kind of Native Water dance ritual (and it sounded like it too).

It was so fun to watch, I attempted to take a video:

After I took the video, Bellie put her hat on and I took a picture because it reminded me of a similar picture of me, around her age.
She's not my daughter... nope, not at all.  I absolutely LOVE catching their moments of  'goofiness.'

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