Sunday, July 29, 2012

Last Day in Seattle = Being Tourist-y

Since the Monday after the wedding was our last day in Seattle, the huge group of us wanted to do a few tourist things; even the Mo's came!  We eventually decided on the classic 'ferry ride to downtown'.  Even though we've done this a few times in the past, it's always so fun.  The only bummer came when Megan got sick on the way out there, so we had to turn back and take her home.  She was in the middle of detoxing her body for an allergist appointment... poor Meg.

Since we had a minor detour, we arrived at a ferry with lots of time to spare, so we went and got some food.  It was a toss between Cold Stone and Japanese food.  Everyone, but a few, started off with Cold Stone; then 'the baby' wanted some Japanese food when 'the baby' saw what the others got.  So, the pregnant lady got some sushi for the boat ride.

Like all of the other boat rides, we had a great time.  The only thing I thought was crazy was the weather.  We're visiting in July and it's COLD--- well, cold for us Texans.  All four of us had our jackets on.  The first thing the kids would say when they came back from the boat deck was "Brrr... it's windy and/or cold!"  I didn't blame them.  I actually only went out on the boat deck once; Jiji and Greg played 'keep after the running kiddos,' especially since they both LOVED following Taylor around.  We seriously need to see everyone more often.

Once we arrived on the other side of the sound, we went over the world famous Seattle Aquarium.  There is a reason this place is world famous; it was fantastic.  It was full of so many fun exhibits; it was very interactive.  The kids had to get a picture in every picture stand there.  They were both so excited.  I mean, right in the entrance is the massive floor-to-ceiling tank full of gorgeous animals, Crashing wave pools, otters, sea lions, exotic fish, a jellyfish tank you can walk through, puffins, octopus, and.... so much more.... so the question is who wouldn't be excited?

Jared and Belle both seemed to like the Tide Touch Pool.  It's an open room with two large shallow tanks and in the tanks are tide animals you can touch.  It took a few minutes of convincing to get them to touch things, but after the initial interaction, they didn't want to leave the pool (and this was at the beginning of the aquarium).

Near the tide pool was another favorite: the octopus.  Jared spotted the octopus on the map and told everyone he could that he wanted to see it.  So, as we went through all their neat tanks, near the end of the first part of the aquarium, we realized that we accidentally passed the octopus.  Right on que, Jared asked about it, so our little family branched off and trekked back to the octopus.  It was so worth it.  When we got to the tank, it looked like it was going to be a bust because both of their octopi were hiding underneath something.  However, after a minute or so, and a whole crowd leaving, Jared spotted one underneath a rock and it started to move.  It was pretty incredible to see it wake up it's body again.  It was even evident in the color; when we first saw it as a really light pale pink to a bright red.  The kids were so excited to see it move; I even got a video, but the light is crappy, so no posting here.  Jared followed that thing around for a good ten minutes until we had to pry him away to catch up to the rest of the group.

After we caught up (in an underground outside tank), we found what ended up to be Annabelle's two favorite exhibits: the Puffin penguins and Sea Lions.  She'd giggle every time the Puffins would dive for their food.  She even said she wanted to dive like that we when we went swimming again. :)  She like the sea lion because it was swimming in circles around the tank and back to her window.  She even waved and said hi to it.  I love that girl.

After the obligatory gift shop visit wear the kids conned their grandparents into buying picked out a souvenir, we spent a little bit of time on the pier enjoying the cool weather and waiting for the rest of our group.  Jiji had fun feeding Annabelle chocolate and making sure she didn't dive off of the pier.  When we were all back together, we went hunting for food.  The original plan was Ivar's, as it turns out, they don't do Gluten-free (and we're super-busy), so we had to find something else.  So, we headed over to Red Robin on the pier.  Even though we go to RR frequently, it's fun to find the different locations.  This one was literally on the pier, like hanging over the water.  On the way over Annabelle was getting drowsy in Greg's arms, while we waited a few minutes for the restaurant to clear a huge corner our table, they both fell asleep.  It was adorable.  Annabelle ended up sleeping through most of dinner (we still got her something to eat).  After dinner, we did a little more shopping and headed back to the folks' house to prepare for our journey home.

It was fun, busy and great day to end our extended stay in Seattle.

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