Monday, July 16, 2012

Kid's First: Water Balloon Fight

He's got water guns and he's not afraid to use them!
A couple days ago, it was warm enough for the kids to go outside and have a Water Balloon fight--- it had nothing to do with them picking the water balloons from the Fun Box.

I graciously let Oba and Jiji handle THAT play time and sent Aunt Meggie out to take pictures.  Big Pregnant Mommy was a little achy by that point in the day AND I used the time to Skype Greg. :)

I think she liked it!
After I finished, I went over to the door to watch some of the fun.  Apparently, the kids really got into chasing each other with the water guns and throwing the balloons at their grandparents.  Annabelle thought it was her personal mission to get Jiji wet.  Jared spent his time trying to squirt anyone who was still for a second.

Water Fight FUN!
The kids (and adults) had a great time and Meg got some nice gems.  And, like any good water fight, they were DRENCHED when it was over and passed out when they went to bed.

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