Friday, July 27, 2012

Craziest Weekend EVER: Z & K's Wedding, Part One

Up Early
THE day had finally arrived.  And the whole house was up early, even though the kids and I got the most sleep.  Like a typical wedding day, the morning was a little bit chaotic; making sure everyone and everything was ready in time--- especially when the temple was 45 minutes away.  So, we had to get up a little early to get everyone ready in enough time to get the bride ready.  It was so much fun jabbing away with Krystal as Mom & I (a.k.a. Mom) did her hair.  All I did was add my opinion (when asked).

Annabelle was so excited to get her dress on;  she tried it on a couple days before the wedding and ran outside with it.  I think I almost went into labor--- no grass stains on a new dress that may or may not be washable.  As long as it survived through the wedding day, I was happy.

Girl's Ride
One of the fun memories of riding to the temple that day was how we rode up there.  Mom, Megan, Krystal, Christine (Krystal's Mom) and I all rode together in the Magnum.  Those of us who were not privileged enough to drive had to hold flowers in their waters--- they had to survive until pictures, of course.  We had fun cracking jokes and I had a sweet moment with Christine; she's not LDS, so I was able to bear my testimony about the importance of temple marriage.  She's an incredible lady (she had to have been since she raised such a GREAT woman). ;)

Being an Escort
The sweetest experience of the day, for me, was the chance I had (along with Mom) to be Krystal's escort.  It was neat to be in that special role for my sister-in-law.  Lots of little spiritual moments confirming to me just how special Krystal is for my amazing little brother.  One of the best parts about being her escort was seeing Z see her for the first time before the sealing.  His eyes were so full of love and adoration and all he could say was 'wow.'  SO CUTE.  That was all Mom and I stayed for to give them some privacy. 

Funny Pregnancy Story:  As we waited for guest's to arrive and things to be set up before they escorted us to Krystal, the Temple Matron assigned to Krystal came up to Mom & I and introduced herself.  Like everyone else, she asked how far along I was.  I responded about seven months.  Her response:  Wow, you look like you're going to pop!  It's a good thing we were in the temple because in a normal every day situation, I would have given her the diriest look.  In the temple, I just shrugged it off and said, "I hope he waits until we get home."

Amazing Sealing
Another great bonus about being her escort was being able to sit next to her during the sealing.  Their sealer had many beautiful and profound things to say.  He reminded them frequently that they were each others' most important person in the world now.  I was on the verge of tears the whole time, then the sealer started talking about my parents and I looked at Pops and lost it.  Words CANNOT describe how it feels to be in the temple with the people you love.  I was lucky enough to see the wonderful examples of love around the room and hold my Gweg's hand while witnessing Z & Krystal start their forever.    I'm excited for the day when I can be in the Celestial Room with all three of my siblings.

Obligatory MASSIVE amount of photos, Waiting and the Ride Home
After the sealing, it was time for pictures---- which meant us escorts had to get Krystal ready.  One of my favorite things about temple weddings is seeing the multiple couples there getting married.  There's automatically a bond between everyone in the bride's room.  So, we got her ready and started the trek outside. 

Seriously, why do wedding pictures take so long?  So many people want so many different pictures, every ends up cranky (especially the bride or groom, little kids, the elderly or pregnant women).  We endure through the suffering in order to get GREAT pictures and memories.  Luckily, I had my new diaper bag (birthday present--- thanks M&D) stuffed with snacks.  As time went on, our numbers dwindled.  Mom needed to get everything ready for lunch BEFORE finishing the building for the reception, Greg took our two tired kiddos shortly behind so they could get some food and rest (so they wouldn't be cranky the rest of the day).

Finally, it was only Pops and myself waiting for the newlyweds and their photographer to finish their last pictures.  Let me tell you what a memory THAT was, driving back to the folks' house.  Dad and I in the front, with the newlyweds in the back.  Yikes!  Seriously, though, it wasn't bad it was just funny.

Part Two finishes off the crazy day!

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