Friday, July 27, 2012

Craziest Weekend EVER: Z & K's Wedding, Part Two

In Between
After we dropped the newlyweds off to get changed and packed for their honeymoon, Pops and I went back to their house into the chaos of getting ready to leave.  I think we barely had a hour to sit and eat before going back out to add the finishing touches to gym for the reception.

Everything turned out great, however, I'm pretty sure Mom will want to hire someone when Meg and Park get married. :)

Candy and Dessert Bar
Z & K wanted a Dessert bar for the reception, so there was a dessert bar.  It had so many desserts.  We made lots of cake pops, cookies, mini-cupcakes, and candies (that was mostly Meg).  There was also a chocolate fountain with pineapple, strawberries, marshmellows, cookies, pretzels, etc. to dip into it.  Annabelle's face when she saw all of the candy was priceless.

We tried to limit their intake, but in a room full of grandparents and happiness, I'm pretty sure we could've rolled them away on their full of treats tummies.  I can tell you what, Baby L really like the chocolate fountain.  I seriously debated just putting a chair next to it and putting up a sign saying, "don't mind me, I'm pregnant."

In addition to the Dessert Bar, we also set up a DIY Candy Bar for the wedding favor (we did some taste-testing before to make sure it was edible).  Any candy colored blue or orange was there; the peach licorice and blue gummi rings were my favorite.  The guests could fill their bags with whatever and enjoy the festivities.

Ring Bearer, Flower Girl, and Toasts
Since some of the family members could not be in the temple, Z & K wanted to do a Ring Ceremony.  So, we had to get Krystal ready again; I think it was inspiration, but we had Christine come and help get her ready since she wasn't able to be in the temple.  I'm really glad they had that moment together.

A ring ceremony was a good excuse to give Jared and Belle the jobs of Ring Bearer and Flower Girl.  Megan and I even made the pillow and flowers for them.  Once it was time to start, Greg and I had to coach them to go out.  Annabelle went out a little bit, threw the homemade silk petals in a funny diagonal way and went back to her grandparents.  Jared, with the rings, went straight for Z & K and stayed their while their Bishop started talking.  Once they got the rings we got him to come back.  They did a great job, I only wish we would've got it on video.

After the rings, Mom, Pops and Christine all stood up and said a few words.  Of course, hormonal people in the audience were crying by this point (i.e. me).  Annabelle really wanted to be near Jiji and Oba, so I spent the time walking back and forth with her and trying to get her to stay quiet while everyone spoke.

Trashing the Car

After the speehes, there was a little bit of time to dance.  Just enough time to grab the Best Man (Tim, Z's best friend since middle school), the siblings and Greg to find their car and do things to it.

We all took turns writing something on the car.  Megan even got up on the trunk and wrote something on the Sunroof.  Some of the quotes came from, The Princess Bride, "Mauwage, wub, twu wub," and other's involved a rocking car.

HILARIOUS STORY:  So, some friend's were leaving at the time of us decorating the car.  They have a 8-9 year old who can read... you can see where this is going.  He read the side with the "rocking car" comment, turned to his dad and asked, "what does that mean?"  LOL!  We had such a hard time keeping a straight face; kudos to his Dad, the response, "you'll find out when you get married."  Something we have to look forward to when our kids start to read.

When it was time for them to go, we ushered them off with a bubble machine, told them about their SURPRISE honeymoon and watched their shocked faces as they saw the car.  PRICELESS.

Power Teardown
After they left, it was amazing how fast the decorations started to come down.  I was trying my best to help, but with sugar-crashing toddlers and a 7 month pregnant belly, I was just in the way.  So, Greg took us back to the folks' where our little Ring Bearer and Flower Girl passed out.  Greg left to go back and help finish, but everyone was back in the next hour or so.  It was rather impressive.

Even though the day was long, and there was a WHOLE lot of stress leading up to it, it was a great day.  I'm so grateful Z & K found each other.  Life will still be hard, but now they have their own little family to strengthen and believe in.  Being in the temple with family is one of the best experiences in this mortality.  I can't wait to do it again. :)

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