Saturday, July 28, 2012

Craziest Weekend EVER: The Missionary Speaks & Sisters Sing

At Z & K's Wedding
About a month ago, Mom mentioned to me that she asked her Bishopric if it'd be okay if Meg and I sang the Sunday Park spoke after he got home.  I've always wanted to sing in a small ensemble or duet in Sacrament Meeting {see my 30 by 30} but I have never been too confident in my singing abilities.  I know I'm a strong Alto, I'm just not-so-confidant in my ability as a Solo Alto (even though Greg tells me constantly that I'm strong)--- I think Meg would say the same thing about herself.  So, from the beginning, I was slightly skeptical because I didn't want to screw up and it sounded an awful lot like a Homecoming meeting.  However, the Bishopric was all for it.  So--- we started to prepare.

Our first challenge came in picking the song.  After a few emails between us, we decided to ask the missionary, he chose "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing."  It was then when I got really nervous because I only remembered hearing that done by MoTab or strickly Male Chorus.  So, off I went to digitally hunt for a good version for us to sing.  I ended up finding a simple, free SATB version on {THIS} fantastic website.

Our next hurdle then became... when do we practice with no pianist and getting ready for the wedding of the summer?  With everything going on, we still didn't have a pianist or had practiced at all by the time it was the Sunday before.

Enter the coolest and most humble sister in my parent's ward.  We asked her, that Sunday, if she'd be willing to join us, the next Sunday and she said yes--- all we had to do was go to her house and practice once during the week.  The practice went well; the arrangement sounded fine without the TB and it was the first time I was confident in what we were going to do.

After Friday and Saturday passed, we were luckily enough to make it to church the next morning.  We practiced one more time (being very grateful that Meg's allergies didn't severely hinder her voice) and waited for our song.

The Spirit was definitely with us because we did the best we could, knew we had little mess-ups, but we only had complements afterwards.  Both our grandmothers came up to us and said "I didn't know you two could sing like that."  We also had non-family-member complements as well.

Even though I was skeptical in the beginning, I'm really grateful we had this experience.  Not only do I get to cross one more thing off my list (only 25 more to go), I'm definitely more confident and it'll be something I look back on with fondness.  I was able to sing with my sister the Sunday after our baby brother came home.  I think this experience was a bit of a confidence boost for the both of us.

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