Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Craziest Weekend EVER: Krystal's Shower

The Bride-to-be (these were the good shots) ;)
We survived out month long trip to Seattle.  I've been able to keep up with the blog since my folks don't live in the dark ages, but since the last weekend there was a wee bit on the CRAZY BUSY (and fantastic) side, I didn't get to writing about it.  Here's to getting everything about this weekend written down so it stays unforgettable!

The weekend all started on Thursday.  Most of the wedding guests started to arrive that day--- including Krystal's Mom, Christine (who is so SWEET and fits right into the family), Tim (Z's best friend since, well, forever) and Gweg (I was personally MOST excited about that one).

One of the things we did to pass the time, until Greg's 1130 flight arrived, was go to Krystal's Bridal Shower.  The shower brigade included: Krystal, Mom, Megan, Christine, myself, Granni and Shari.  We caravaned over to a friend's apartment (Krystal, Christine and I enjoyed the convertible) where we ended up beating most of the guests there--- even though we were 20 minutes late--- we forgot we were going to a party thrown by hip single LDS ladies!

The friend throwing the shower did a great job.  She toned down the games so they were just right for Krystal--- "appropriate with a little bit of a sassy-kick."  This is what I learned from the shower:  NO ONE likes to do the dishes, Body Bingo is now a tradition, Granni knows her martial stuff, Krystal REALLY likes to make cookies, Shari will always advice to 'live long and prosper' (even if it's through someone she doesn't know), and even single women know to feed the pregnant lady first. :)

It was a lot of fun and great to see Krystal around all of these women who saw Z and Krystal fall in love.

After the shower, I was BEYOND excited to go pick up Greg, even if I knew I'd be tired the next day.  Pops and I kept mentioning how the next time we'd be there would be to see Parker coming home, which was surreal and awesome all at the same time.  It didn't help that we witnessed a reunion between son and parents; we both got a little teary-eyed.  After Greg FINALLY showed up, we headed back the folks.  The kids were SO excited to see Greg the next day; Baby L even kicked me when Greg spoke.... I think we all missed him.

Next... an Elder returns...

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