Thursday, May 3, 2012

Since We've Been Back

A few things have happened since we came back from Utah.

Annabelle is still in the midst of potty training.  We had to relearn a little because of the trip.  Her pee-pee accidents are few and far between, so she no longer gets rewarded for that.  However, #2 is a different story.  She still has pull-ups on for nap and night time, so, usually, she waits until nap time to do her business in her pull-up.  It's frustrating, yes, but she was ready to start this process.  She's also getting close to filling up her chart, which means we go to the zoo.

A couple nights ago, the kids were outside playing on the swing set.  Apparently, they figured out how to turn the hose on and drenched themselves just before Greg and I realized exactly what they were doing.  They thought it was hilarious... they were right. (However, we did talk about how we don't touch the hose without Mommy or Daddy...)

Jared had his last day of preschool today.  Since he's have a Star Wars birthday party next weekend, all of our activities were Star Wars Themed.  We practiced writing with some characters, made space slime and built our own Shape Spaceships.  It'll be nice to have a summer break, but I'm so glad preschool will start up around the same time baby L is born.

Completed TWO things on my 30 by 30 list: we bought and mini-van and Greg & I went to the Spurs versus Jazz playoff game yesterday.  Woo hoo for being productive!

My Mother's Day present came early.  We've been enjoying it. (It's an abelskiever pan) 

Speaking of being productive... now we're getting ready for Mema & Deda to visit in a week for Jared's Birthday.

All of these things have really made us all tired... especially Annabelle...

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