Monday, May 14, 2012

Padawan Party

Ever since Jared started liking Star Wars, he would tell me that his next birthday party was going to be a Star Wars one.  So, he and I had been planning this party for a long time... like literally a year.  He was so excited when we'd do something new to plan for it or I'd ask him if he'd like the games I was thinking about.  All of it was SO WORTH IT.  The party was a success; we were all so tired by the end that the kids crashed and the adults talked the whole time.  It was a great day.

The Invites & Decorations
About a month before the party, we sent out an evite with this poem:

Four years ago in a galaxy far far away, a young padawan was born.
The council named him JARED.
In those four years, he began his training in the ways of the force.
Recently, the Jedi have felt a disturbance in the force which is only created by the Dark Side.
In order to defeat the Sith, the Council has asked Padawan Jared to gather more potential padawans & hasten to the JEDI TEMPLE at the ABOVE DATE for Jedi training.
There will be lunch for padawans and their guardians.
Please let the council know, if your padawan will attend.
May the force be with you!

Then, we decorated with lots and lots of Star Wars things.  Character medallions, black planets, May the Force Be with You banner.  We even had our favorite music from the movies playing the background the whole time.  We were set for a party in a galaxy far, far away.

The Food
Everything had a Star Wars tie-in.  The main food we had for {Annabelle's Mickey Party} was such a hit, that I think it will be our new party staple.  Wookie Turkey or Veggie Wraps for the Adults, and Ship-Shaped Sandwiches for the kids.  The kids picked if they wanted PB or meat.  For the sides we had: Lightsaber go-gurts, jabba jello jigglers, Darth Cheddars, and Droid Veggies and Dip.  Desserts were: Han in Chocolate Carbonite and Light vs. Dark Cupcakes.  Jedi Juice (Capri Sun) and Hoth-2O (bottled water) completed the spread.  Everything seemed to be a big hit--- yay for that.

The Games
Lightsabers:  We took pool noodles, sliced them in half, and wrapped some duck tape on the end.  These were a BIG. HIT.  At first, each of the kids had a balloon they had to try to keep it off the ground; a few minutes into that activity they started popping.  After all the balloons were gone, the kids spent the first 20 minutes or so of the party and just ran around having duels with each other.
Pin the Lightsaber on Yoda:  We found a picture of the little green jedi master, pieced it together, and got it laminated.  Then the kids were blind-folded and tried to put their lightsabers on Yoda's.  Some of our littlest party-goers even tried it.

Shoot the Stormtroopers:  On the gate keeping the crowd from destroying the playroom, we set up the Stormtrooper game.  We printed out three stormtroopers and the kids had to try to shoot them down with one of our small nerf guns.  Greg was there to help when they needed it, and they usually needed it because the trigger on the nerf gun is tricky.

Darth Star Destruction:  Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of this game; I was done outside after Pin the Tail on Yoda and didn't get back out to take these pictures.  Basically, we took a blue tarp, cut holes in it, and hung it from the backyard awning.  Then the kids were supposed to throw small balls in the holes.  Jared told me after the party that this was his favorite game.  Doh, should have gotten a picture.

The Presents & Favors
Jared's friends were very kind and brought all kind of neat things to his party.  Jared liked everything and didn't need any of it, but was very grateful.  Since he was so grateful, we sent everyone home with a Star Wars bag full of favors.  Things like a jedi bracelet, punch ball, bouncy ball, one of the foam lightsabers and even a certificate for completing their Jedi training!

The Darth
Near the end of the party, Greg secretly disappeared and changed into his Darth Vader costume.  We turned on the Imperial March and I told the Jedis what a great job they had done training when Darth Vader appeared.  I gasped and said, "Oh, no, it's Darth Vader.  Grab your lightsabers, kids and show Darth Vader that the dark side is bad."  Jared's response: "That's not Darth Vader, it's Daddy."  Can't fool that kid.  The kids were apprehensive at first, then Alex and Noelle really got into it.  Hilarious.  Once Jared realized that Darth Daddy was beatable... he was in too.  Then, everyone had a chance.  It ended up being really funny and I got one of the best pictures of Jared proving to me that EVERYTHING with the party was worth it.

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