Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Day 2012

The day before at church the kids were all dressed up in their patriotic colors.  Personally, I LOVE to do this , especially on the week of Memorial Day and the Fourth of July because I absolutely LOVE this country.  I don't necessarily enjoy some of the decisions people make for the country, however, I'm very grateful for freedoms we have in this land.

We have come to develop fantastic relationships with our neighbors.  We're really grateful to have friends so close that we consider them family.  On the actual day, since it was a holiday AND two of the three families (well, most of those families) will be out-of-town for the Fourth, we couldn't pass by our annual patriotic celebrations--- so we moved it up to Memorial Day instead.  And it was our turn to host.

We spent the day like any HOT summer holiday should be spent--- good grilled food, lots of other yummy food, fun conversation, a little bit of crafting, and cool-off-in-the-pool time.  Before everyone came over, we added something we've been wanting to add to the house since we moved in:  a flag post.. complete with the American Flag.  Seriously, so awesome.  We started the celebrations with a fantastic lunch (which we always over-prepare for).  Lot of good food, which everyone was old enough to enjoy (won't be the case in a few weeks).

After a much needed nap time, we all met back up at the pool.  It was a BLAST.  During the needed nap time, I made some sponge pool toys (which we'll probably do for Super Saturday since they were super easy) and the kids enjoyed them immensely.  I originally wanted to make them for one of Jared's party games, but alas, pregnancy gets in the way of large to-do lists, so Memorial Day fun it became!

I actually brought the video camera to the pool and got some fun shots.  One of our friends had a pool lounge float.  Since the adults were all preoccupied with kids and couldn't use the float for it's original purposes, the kids used it as a boat.

The other video is just the group having fun at the pool.  Annabelle REALLY loves to jump in-and-out of the pool.  It's usually her primary activity at the pool.  Jared was STILL enjoying the pool boat.

After pool time, we reconvened for dessert time.  The men grilled one more time, this time some yummy bread was on the menu.  We also had cheesecake and I made a RWB Trifle which is now officially a tradition (since I made it last year too).  It was a fabulous way to officially kick off the summer.

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