Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Master Makeover: Part Two

Part One {HERE}

Since painting our Master Suite last June, we haven't really done much with it.  Until March, when Barb decided to move and asked us if we wanted hers and Jay's Master Bedroom set. (Jay & Dell actually bought it back in the 70s).  Since it was an heirloom we wanted it, but we were a little worried about two aspects:  the bed was a waterbed--- something neither of us wanted and the color and hardware looked a little bit dated--- deep dark brown stain, brass/gold hardware, the works.  Then, Greg turned to me and asked, "what if we can update it?"  That's when "Operation Bedroom Furniture" was born.

We were determined, all we had to do was chemically strip and sand the stain.  I say all like it was an easy process.  It's not. Greg spent hours upon hours in the garage, mostly after the kids went to bed.  Then, we had fantastic friends come over to help with the process.

And by we, I mean, Greg because I was barely out of my first trimester and banned from helping (since there were chemicals involved).  My part of the help was picking out the stain color. :)

The goal was to finish the bed before Mema & Deda came it town for Jared's birthday, so they wouldn't have to sleep on the futon.  He made his goal.

The finished bed (I marked the picture, so I could put it on our craft blog.  Check out the lamps--- those are refurbished as well):

Upclose of the stain:

To remedy the waterbed problem, we bought a memory foam mattress.  It formed right inside the frame and sits just above the wooden edges.  It's really weird having so much room; our old bed was a Queen.

Since he worked so hard, he's taking a break and will pick back up when the kids and I leave for Seattle at the end of next month.  He still has the armoire, two nightstands and dresser to go.  The goal for those is before Baby L is born.  Knowing my man, he'll make his goal.  Then, just maybe, I'll be able to park my new car in the garage (we haven't been able to use the garage since we got the furniture back in March).

Hey, a girl can hope.

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