Friday, May 18, 2012

Last Present, First Trike

Jared got one last present for his birthday this week... his first trike from Jiji & Oba.  It actually arrived while Greg was out of town.  Some women would wait for their husband and make them built it.  Good thing I'm not 'some women.'  The kids patiently helped throughout the whole building process.  It was actually really easy and fun to do.  Plus, I got the whole "look what I just made you" rush, the same rush I get when I make them something.  After it was finished, Jared wanted to take it out for his first ride right after it was built.  And since we didn't have any pressing matters, we did.

Here's video evidence of his first ride; I actually took a video before this, but half the video is me chasing me making sure he didn't drive right into the middle of the street:

He loves to go out and practice his new trike skills.  Every time we walk out the door, he wants to get on his trike and ride.  Mailbox... check.  Around the block.... check.  Up the hill... a little bit of a struggle, but... check.

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