Sunday, May 13, 2012

Jared's Birthday Extravaganza

L to R: waking up, eating cake batter, handsome, sharing with his sister, Belle's big too, YogurtZone Trip

Opening Presents & Having Cake
FOUR years... where in the world has the time gone?  Jared turned FOUR this past week and we had a great time celebrating.  Mema & Deda were even able to come out for the celebrations; we were slightly bummed we couldn't have our typical Texas weather, but we still had a great time.  Mostly, I put them to work, getting ready for the birthday and party (which was yesterday and a BIG hit).

It was really nice having them here and I was super grateful for the extra hands in the birthday prepations.  If it's a party year, I like to have the decorations up the night before their actual birthday, so it's part of the birthday surprise.  Stars Wars had literally exploded all over our downstairs.  We made character medallions to hang from the ceiling, had our normal birthday banner and added a "May the Force Be With You" banner.  Jared LOVED it.

On Jared's birthday, it was actually pretty gloomy.  Luckily, we've been getting a lot of much needed rain lately, but it was a bummer to wake up and see it on Jared's birthday--- although he didn't seem to mind one bit.  Here's us waking him up for the day (he was a little excited):

Since it was rainy, we stayed inside and played.  Jared even picked a rainy day movie for us to watch... I bet you can't guess what it was... STAR WARS, Episode IV (that one is his favorite).  As soon as Greg got home, Jared ran over to him, told him it as his birthday and said "It's present time!"  We told him earlier in the day that he had to wait for Daddy to get home before he opened presents.  To complete the birthday theme, Jared's presents from us has a SW theme to it.  He got a book (with all six episode stories in it), R2D2 Trouble, a Star Wars tie (my homemade present to him), and new Star Wars sheets.  ***I actually got those randomly from my OBGYN, they're Pottery Barn and she sold them to me for super discount and they're in GREAT shape.  I even got a duvet cover that I cut apart and made the party favor bags with, Jared's ties, and I plan to make sheets for L's crib as well.  GREAT find.***  Mema & Deda got him a sand table to go out in the backyard; he and Annabelle were both really excited about that.

After having the dinner Jared picked (Pizza and salad), Mema and I actually had to go to a RS Meeting I was apart of planning.  Jared didn't seem to mind and apparently they spent the time playing his new game.  After we got back, we had just enough time before bedtime for singing, candles, and cake.  Yes, that's the rebel symbol from SW on his cake--- he LOVED it.  Here's him blowing the candles out:

The next day was the day I was not looking forward to: his Four-Year Check-Up... complete with school shots.  The whole appointment I kept looking at him in awe.  He had a eye exam, reflexes, the works--- a typical doctor visit--- no longer a baby.  It's so hard to imagine how much he's changed (and us, as well) in the last four years.  He's definitely helped me change into a better person and I know Greg would say the same.

Anywho, after everything was done, it was time for the shots--- five total.  I prepped him before, trying to remind him that we get these small boo-boos so we don't get more dangerous big boo-boos in our bodies later.  He did great until the first pricked, then the nurse and I had to pin him down in order to get the rest of them done.  As a result, the poor kid's thighs do not feel good.  AND to top it off, I had to take him to get him blood drawn right after(we're trying to figure out why he sweats and smells funky when he sweats); we needed an extra person to help pin him down this time because he had the memory of his shots just before.  Since he had such a traumatic time, he and I made a stop at YogurtZone where he picked his usual: chocolate & strawberry with gummy bears and chocolate sprinkles on top.

The next day was the big STAR WARS PARTY

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