Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Jared: Year Four

Enjoying defeating Darth Vader
Weight: 38 lbs (35th percentile)
Height: 42 inches--- (90th percentile)
Hair: light brownish red-- it's pretty much the same color as Greg's hair right now
Eyes: dark amber brown
haven't change--- he's really persistent about brushing his own teeth--- as long as Mom or Dad can go back over them, that's okay
Shoe Size: 10 1/2ish
Clothes Size: exclusively 4T
Nicknames: Bubba, Buddy (Annabelle calls him that), Goofy Goober, Handsome, Big Guy
Likes: primary, his primary teacher, writing letters, Annabelle, his blue blankie, Daddy, Mama, playing & running around with friends, cooking up special recipes in their play kitchen, singing, Star Wars, his board games, reading, helping around the house with pretty much ANYTHING
Dislikes: being misunderstood, bugs, the blender noise and most other loud noises
Favorite Food: he says 'broccoli and oranges'
Favorite Toys: his new Millennium Falcon
Favorite Books: scripture stories, Star Wars: the Complete Series
Favorite Things to Watch: Right now he's into Busytown Mysteries, Shaun the Sheep and all of the Star Wars movies
Other New Tricks: Writing some of his letter, writing his name, napping less (boo), spelling out words he sees
What's next: Going to Seattle at the end of June, becoming a big brother again!
How he drives us crazy: He's started getting out of his room in the morning before I wake up*** He and Annabelle's new favorite thing to do together: wrestle and someone usually gets hurt***He's sensitive, which is good and bad--- not so good when he's tired, hungry or his train tracks breaks, great when his pregnant mommy needs help around the house.
Why he's so awesome: Since he's so sensitive, he's really aware of things around him.  He can turn the mood of any room.  He's also really in tuned with spiritual things; the key is helping him recognize it.  Like, he had some bad bug bites this week and he was having a hard time going to sleep.  So, I told him if he prayed to Heavenly Father about his bites, that Heavenly Father would listen and his bug bites would feel better.  The next morning, I went to his room and he proclaimed, "Mommy, my prayer worked, I didn't itch!"  He's really imaginative.  He'll play for hours making up stories with his trains, kitchen and star wars toys.  He's always willing to help and that's a big thing right now since I'm riding the crazy roller coaster known as pregnancy.  He's really excited about baby L, having a brother, and sharing a room--- we'll see how that changes...

Happy Four Years, Bud!  Life wouldn't be the same without you!

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