Friday, April 13, 2012

30 by 30 List

I have a few friends who created these lists--- {HERE}.  Lists of things they want to do before a certain age milestone hits.  As of today, I'm 27 months away from hitting the big 3-0 that Gweg just hit, I thought it would be fun to make a 30 by 30.  These are 30 items I want to get done before I turn 30.  So, I can 'roughly' do one-a-month and should get the whole list accomplished.  They are in no particular order & I certainly do not claim originality to all of them (i.e. I borrowed some)... **since it's my list, I also have the right to modify this list, whenever I see fit**
  1. Make a Places to Visit in Texas list & visit at least 3 {completed 5/2014}
  2. Make a new goal for each year as per the needs of the family or myself. {completed 2013, 2014}
  3. Prepare kids (specifically Jared) for Baptism {always in progress}
  4. Do at least ONE preschool activity a week with Jared & Annabelle {completed 3/2013}
  5. Spend more one-on-one time with the kids (i.e. Mommy & Me Dates)
  6. Attend a Playoff game of some sort {completed 5/2012}
  7. Sing in a small group for Sacrament Meeting {completed 7/2012}
  8. Interview (& record) my grandparents  
  9. Pick a selection for Book Club & then Host {completed 3/2013 & 4/2014}
  10. Go on a "Just Greg & Amber" Vacation--- {completed 2/2014}
  11. Do not stay ANY electronic device later than 9 p.m. for AT LEAST 30 days
  12. Go on a Family Road Trip {completed 4/2012}
  13. Buy a Mini-Van {completed 4/2012}
  14. Go to a play (preferably as a family) --- will happen in 2014
  15. Write one thank you a day for two weeks
  16. Sale at least 5 creations on Etsy and/or get more than 100 followers on {Mule 'n Nag}
  17. Create a Cleaning System for the home (and stick to it) for 60 days--- in progress
  18. Create a Will
  19. Read at least 2 classics--- {completed 12/2012}
  20. Read at least 35 not-read-by-me-before books during the next 27 months--- {completed 9/2013, read 50 by 7/2014}
  21. Finish Master Bedroom--- in progress
  22. Redo Kid's Bathroom--- in progress
  23. Seriously purge the family of the unnecessary items--- in progress
  24. Re-vamp Playroom--- in progress
  25. Go to the Temple for TWO ancestors
  26. Write consistently (once a week-ish) in my journal/scripture journal/blog (one of three)
  27. Read my scriptures for AT LEAST 30 days straight {completed 7/2012}
  28. Do a session in Dallas and/or Houston Temple
  29. Go on a Cruise {completed 2/2014}
  30.  Learn to Play the Piano --- in progress
Maybe Honorary #31 should be 'finally catch up on the blog posts.'  I'm trying...

I know some of them aren't technically measurable, but they are goals I want to have for the next two years.  I'll keep track on here every time I cross another off the list... wish me luck.

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