Thursday, May 3, 2012

30 by 30: #6 NBA Playoff Game

Waiting for the Game to Start
On the list is was actually 'any' playoff game, but it ended up being an NBA playoff game.

Last year, when the Cards played the Rangers for the World Series, I really wanted to go to a game.  I mean really wanted to go.  However, when we looked at tickets, my hopes were instantly squashed.  It was AT LEAST $250 per ticket (for the nosebleeds) without parking.  We are currently not in the position to use that kind of money for a sports games... even it was the World Series... and my favorite team was also playing in it.  This is why 'going to a playoff game' became one of my 30 by 30s.

Flash-forward to a few weeks ago when we were in Utah, the Jazz were then in a race for 8th place (the last team to get into the playoffs).  It was all over the place and I found myself getting really excited for the Jazz (first team I ever rooted for--- first professional game I remember going to--- even though I went to the Dodgers-Royals game when I was a toddler).

The teams warming up.
Greg and I figured out that IF the Jazz were to MAKE the playoffs, then they would be playing our home team, the Spurs, already a lock in for first.  So, once they did clinch 8th, the hunt for affordable playoff tickets was on.

I really didn't think we were going to find anything, given our last experience.  However, Greg found the upper-section had tickets for $11 a piece with $7 parking!  As soon as he told me that, I knew we were going... and WE DID.

Some amazing friends watched the mini-versions, and we had a GREAT date night.  The Spurs really know how to treat the crowd.  As soon as we walked in the door, we were handed free noise-makers; basically, hand-held drums.  We used those to clap all night.  With my past experiences, in the cheap-o seats, I was a little worried that I wouldn't be able to handle the walk or the seats, given my current gestational state.  The hike was minimal and the seats were AMAZING.  Cushioned, comfortable AND the court actually looked real, not mini-sized.
My blurry shot of the tip-off

The Jazz ended up losing badly, however, we totally understand why everyone in this city is so in LOVE with the Spurs.  First off, they played incredible.  Second, they are good group of guys---not egotistical maniacs who have completely turned this once-devoted NBA fan, away from the game.  Third---they really know how to treat their fans.  Out of all of the Texas teams, Greg and I both agreed that it would not be blasphemous if our children ended up Spurs fans.

We had THAT good of a time.

Oh... we also got to see Coach Pop win Coach of the Year.  Bonus.

Another Bonus.  It was an early game--- we got home just after the kids went to bed.  Always great on a date night.

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