Monday, May 7, 2012

30 by 30: #13 Buy a Van (Swagger Wagon)

Posing with their new ride :)
The second thing we crossed off my {30 by 30 List}, #13, Buy a Van a.k.a. my Swagger Wagon.

I really wasn't expecting this to be one of the first ones done, but a couple weekends ago, Greg emailed me about this great deal on a Sienna across town.  He then told me we were scheduled to test drive it the next day.  After talking about it that night, we realized that having just the Highlander for our family would be good... up until Baby L is born.  Yes, we have the third row seat, but it's really hard to get seats, and people, in and out of it.  So, we decided, if the price was right and the decision felt right, that we would buy the van.

Too bad it wasn't there the next day.  The dealership accidentally reserved the wrong van for us to drive; in fact, they couldn't even find the van they reserved for us.  Since I'm in a 'delicate condition,' I was done.  I wanted to walk out right then.  Greg helped me breath and take a break.  The dealership felt bad we drove across town for nothing so they started to show us a few other vans.

The first one was a dump. They just barely got it in, not cleaned, had a TON of miles on it and no bells and whistles.  If I'm buying a 'Swagger Wagon' it NEEDs a couple bells and whistles.  So, it was walk out time.

The salesman then comes back with a one of the Siennas in the front, which we assumed was out of our price range.  He then tells us they dropped the price on this van because they 'felt bad' (i.e. really wanted a sale today) we drove out for a non-existent van.  A few minutes of haggling later and we were in the middle of buying our first van.

Honestly--- we all LOVE it.  The only bummer is that we didn't have it a couple weeks earlier for our Utah Trip.  I love the room, the seats, the gas mileage; I could do without the car payment, however, we'll survive.  It was the right move for our family.  Greg and I pull the 'swagga' pose all the time.  Jared has said multiple times that 'this is awesome'-- regarding riding in his captain's chair.  Annabelle constantly tries to sit in the back row without her seat.

AND It'll be really nice in four months when we actually need that last row. :)

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