Saturday, May 26, 2012

24 Weeks

An Actual Belly Sho
How far along: 24 weeks
Weight this Month, Total Weight Gain: 4 lbs, little under 20 lbs total
Approximate Size of Baby:  a little over a lb, a little under a foot (about the size of an ear of corn)
Maternity Clothes:  I've added a Maternity belt this month.  All the aches and pains were getting bad, so the doc suggested it.  LOVE IT!
Sleep:  Always on my side now.  I wake up once a night or so to slowly adjust---already!
Memorable Moments:  ***The baby responded to Greg's voice for the first time this month (and the kiddos as well)*** Annabelle asks about the baby ALL THE TIME.  She asks if he's sleeping/can wake up/if he's still in my belly, etc.  Then she tells me that 'L is in my belly and STILL growing.'***Jared has made it a habit of praying for him.  It's really cute.*** We put up his crib this month.  Jared was so excited to have his room now be the 'boys room.'  Every time Annabelle goes in their she proclaims, 'there's L's bed.'  Thanks for the info, little mama.
Movement:  He's starting to have active periods.  I feel him usually in the morning, early afternoon and late-late night (like past 1030).  Other than that, he stays pretty quiet.  I also felt hiccups for the first time (that one always cracks me up).
Exercise:  POOL, oh how I LOVE the pool. :)  It takes all the pressure off and the babe really likes the extra room.  The minute I get out, and it all comes back, I want to get back in.
Food Cravings/Aversions:  Still grooving on burgers, fruit, sweets, and eggs.  Since I got the aebleskiver pan for Mother's Day, the extras have been a nice late-night snack in case I get the hungries again.  I also still can't have fried bread or soda.  The only soda I can handle is spiked apple juice and lemonade (with the tiniest bit of sprite).
Not-so-Fun Symptoms: The day the above picture was taken I had some N-A-S-T-Y Sciatic Nerve pain.  So bad I couldn't even walk or put pressure on my left leg.  After a few hours, it went away.  I'm really glad it was the weekend, so Greg was home, however, I also felt very inept since I couldn't do anything for a while. *** Not having bodily control... 'nuff said.
Labor Signs:  Mr. Braxton has joined the party this week.  BOO on that.  They're not bad, however I can definitely feel tightening. It's normal for them to start around now, but it kind of makes it more real.
What I Miss:  Not feeling tired/grumpy/cranky all. the. time.*** Bending over WITHOUT grunting. *** Picking up the kids and running around with them.
What I'm looking forward to:  Getting everything ready for L to come, the third trimester, getting the sugar test and my Rh shot DONE and no longer on the horizon.  Swimming all the time. :)
Anything Else:  Every moment I think about this pregnancy, I'm amazed at how fast and slow it seems to go.  Fast because I can't believe it's almost June already.  I'm literally WEEKS away from the 3rd Trimester.  Slow because of all the aches, pains, and things I cannot do.  Some nights I'm so achy, Greg has to tuck them in himself and it makes me so sad to not be there to say goodnight (even though we do our nightly routine downstairs on those nights).  Even though I have complaints, everything is worth it in the end to welcome a new son/boy into our family. We both feel extremely grateful that he's growing, healthy and coming in a little over 100 days... ish.

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