Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Day 2012

The day before at church the kids were all dressed up in their patriotic colors.  Personally, I LOVE to do this , especially on the week of Memorial Day and the Fourth of July because I absolutely LOVE this country.  I don't necessarily enjoy some of the decisions people make for the country, however, I'm very grateful for freedoms we have in this land.

We have come to develop fantastic relationships with our neighbors.  We're really grateful to have friends so close that we consider them family.  On the actual day, since it was a holiday AND two of the three families (well, most of those families) will be out-of-town for the Fourth, we couldn't pass by our annual patriotic celebrations--- so we moved it up to Memorial Day instead.  And it was our turn to host.

We spent the day like any HOT summer holiday should be spent--- good grilled food, lots of other yummy food, fun conversation, a little bit of crafting, and cool-off-in-the-pool time.  Before everyone came over, we added something we've been wanting to add to the house since we moved in:  a flag post.. complete with the American Flag.  Seriously, so awesome.  We started the celebrations with a fantastic lunch (which we always over-prepare for).  Lot of good food, which everyone was old enough to enjoy (won't be the case in a few weeks).

After a much needed nap time, we all met back up at the pool.  It was a BLAST.  During the needed nap time, I made some sponge pool toys (which we'll probably do for Super Saturday since they were super easy) and the kids enjoyed them immensely.  I originally wanted to make them for one of Jared's party games, but alas, pregnancy gets in the way of large to-do lists, so Memorial Day fun it became!

I actually brought the video camera to the pool and got some fun shots.  One of our friends had a pool lounge float.  Since the adults were all preoccupied with kids and couldn't use the float for it's original purposes, the kids used it as a boat.

The other video is just the group having fun at the pool.  Annabelle REALLY loves to jump in-and-out of the pool.  It's usually her primary activity at the pool.  Jared was STILL enjoying the pool boat.

After pool time, we reconvened for dessert time.  The men grilled one more time, this time some yummy bread was on the menu.  We also had cheesecake and I made a RWB Trifle which is now officially a tradition (since I made it last year too).  It was a fabulous way to officially kick off the summer.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

24 Weeks

An Actual Belly Sho
How far along: 24 weeks
Weight this Month, Total Weight Gain: 4 lbs, little under 20 lbs total
Approximate Size of Baby:  a little over a lb, a little under a foot (about the size of an ear of corn)
Maternity Clothes:  I've added a Maternity belt this month.  All the aches and pains were getting bad, so the doc suggested it.  LOVE IT!
Sleep:  Always on my side now.  I wake up once a night or so to slowly adjust---already!
Memorable Moments:  ***The baby responded to Greg's voice for the first time this month (and the kiddos as well)*** Annabelle asks about the baby ALL THE TIME.  She asks if he's sleeping/can wake up/if he's still in my belly, etc.  Then she tells me that 'L is in my belly and STILL growing.'***Jared has made it a habit of praying for him.  It's really cute.*** We put up his crib this month.  Jared was so excited to have his room now be the 'boys room.'  Every time Annabelle goes in their she proclaims, 'there's L's bed.'  Thanks for the info, little mama.
Movement:  He's starting to have active periods.  I feel him usually in the morning, early afternoon and late-late night (like past 1030).  Other than that, he stays pretty quiet.  I also felt hiccups for the first time (that one always cracks me up).
Exercise:  POOL, oh how I LOVE the pool. :)  It takes all the pressure off and the babe really likes the extra room.  The minute I get out, and it all comes back, I want to get back in.
Food Cravings/Aversions:  Still grooving on burgers, fruit, sweets, and eggs.  Since I got the aebleskiver pan for Mother's Day, the extras have been a nice late-night snack in case I get the hungries again.  I also still can't have fried bread or soda.  The only soda I can handle is spiked apple juice and lemonade (with the tiniest bit of sprite).
Not-so-Fun Symptoms: The day the above picture was taken I had some N-A-S-T-Y Sciatic Nerve pain.  So bad I couldn't even walk or put pressure on my left leg.  After a few hours, it went away.  I'm really glad it was the weekend, so Greg was home, however, I also felt very inept since I couldn't do anything for a while. *** Not having bodily control... 'nuff said.
Labor Signs:  Mr. Braxton has joined the party this week.  BOO on that.  They're not bad, however I can definitely feel tightening. It's normal for them to start around now, but it kind of makes it more real.
What I Miss:  Not feeling tired/grumpy/cranky all. the. time.*** Bending over WITHOUT grunting. *** Picking up the kids and running around with them.
What I'm looking forward to:  Getting everything ready for L to come, the third trimester, getting the sugar test and my Rh shot DONE and no longer on the horizon.  Swimming all the time. :)
Anything Else:  Every moment I think about this pregnancy, I'm amazed at how fast and slow it seems to go.  Fast because I can't believe it's almost June already.  I'm literally WEEKS away from the 3rd Trimester.  Slow because of all the aches, pains, and things I cannot do.  Some nights I'm so achy, Greg has to tuck them in himself and it makes me so sad to not be there to say goodnight (even though we do our nightly routine downstairs on those nights).  Even though I have complaints, everything is worth it in the end to welcome a new son/boy into our family. We both feel extremely grateful that he's growing, healthy and coming in a little over 100 days... ish.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Annabelle: Two turning Twenty

Goofy Girl
Weight: 32 lbs
Height: 38 inches
Hair: whispy strawberry blonde
Eyes: depends on the day--- dark to amber brown
19--- one more molar is taking it's time
Shoe Size: 7
Clothes Size:  4T/3T dresses, 3T shirts, 2T/4T shorts/skirts
Nicknames: Belle, Annabellie, Bellie, Little Mama, Little Girl, Sissy, turkey, button
Jared, Daddy, Pink Blankie, anything Disney, anything girly/princessy, climbing, brushing her hair, singing
Dislikes: Jared bossing her around, anyone bossing her around, being restrained or being quiet, most veggies
Favorite Food: PB & Honey sandwiches, any kind of mac 'n cheese, grapes, Japanese food, almost all fruit
Favorite Toys: Princess Minnie, her two monkeys Memo & Coco, her princesses and castle, and her baby Belle doll.
Favorite Books: Polite as a Princess book, Princess Potty, Thomas Stories, scriptures
Favorite Things to Watch: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, any Disney Princess movie, Shaun the Sheep, Curious George
Other New Tricks:  She's got her 1-20 numbers down and recognizes some letters.  She also can draw a circle.  She's really good at saying her prayers and reminds us if we forget to bless 'baby L.'  She's mostly potty-trained.  I say 'mostly' because she understands when and how it feels like to go, she just still had problems with number #2.  70/30 ratio of the days she decides to use her naptime pull-up to do that business.  She LOVES to pretend-play with Jared now.  I constantly here them talking about cooking, going the store, getting married... (I blame the summer wedding for that idea).  She still loves her big girl bed and stays in it... usually.
What's next: Going to Seattle next month. Cementing Potty Training and working on more letters and numbers....
How she drives us crazy: Stubborn. Stubborn. Stubborn... I mean 'strong-willed.'  Her being stubborn is not necessarily a bad thing; it's just the thing that tests my Mommy patience the most.  She is a very independent, 'must-do-my-own-way' soul, so it's hard to teach her when she wants to 'do it her own.'  It's also the reason why she has so many bumps and bruises--- she's so daring.  Her naptime pooping thing is kind of crazy-driving right now, I just hope it doesn't last too long.
Why she's so awesome: Same reason she drives us crazy.  Her independent nature allows her to learn and grow so much.  That's why the post title says 'two turning twenty.'  She wants to do everything Jared does already and everything we do; she has told me numerous times that she's getting bigger and learning.  I know, baby, I know.  She's always concerned about her brothers.  I say brotherS because she is the one that rubs my belly the most and tells me "L is in there and he's sleeping."  She also says goodnight to him fairly regularly.  She's so spunky and her laugh is infectious.  She LOVES to make up jokes and laugh at them until everyone else laughs to.  She's also very considerate of her friends; every day she asks how they are and tells me how she loves to play with them.

We are so grateful for our little Annabellie-button.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Jared: Year Four

Enjoying defeating Darth Vader
Weight: 38 lbs (35th percentile)
Height: 42 inches--- (90th percentile)
Hair: light brownish red-- it's pretty much the same color as Greg's hair right now
Eyes: dark amber brown
haven't change--- he's really persistent about brushing his own teeth--- as long as Mom or Dad can go back over them, that's okay
Shoe Size: 10 1/2ish
Clothes Size: exclusively 4T
Nicknames: Bubba, Buddy (Annabelle calls him that), Goofy Goober, Handsome, Big Guy
Likes: primary, his primary teacher, writing letters, Annabelle, his blue blankie, Daddy, Mama, playing & running around with friends, cooking up special recipes in their play kitchen, singing, Star Wars, his board games, reading, helping around the house with pretty much ANYTHING
Dislikes: being misunderstood, bugs, the blender noise and most other loud noises
Favorite Food: he says 'broccoli and oranges'
Favorite Toys: his new Millennium Falcon
Favorite Books: scripture stories, Star Wars: the Complete Series
Favorite Things to Watch: Right now he's into Busytown Mysteries, Shaun the Sheep and all of the Star Wars movies
Other New Tricks: Writing some of his letter, writing his name, napping less (boo), spelling out words he sees
What's next: Going to Seattle at the end of June, becoming a big brother again!
How he drives us crazy: He's started getting out of his room in the morning before I wake up*** He and Annabelle's new favorite thing to do together: wrestle and someone usually gets hurt***He's sensitive, which is good and bad--- not so good when he's tired, hungry or his train tracks breaks, great when his pregnant mommy needs help around the house.
Why he's so awesome: Since he's so sensitive, he's really aware of things around him.  He can turn the mood of any room.  He's also really in tuned with spiritual things; the key is helping him recognize it.  Like, he had some bad bug bites this week and he was having a hard time going to sleep.  So, I told him if he prayed to Heavenly Father about his bites, that Heavenly Father would listen and his bug bites would feel better.  The next morning, I went to his room and he proclaimed, "Mommy, my prayer worked, I didn't itch!"  He's really imaginative.  He'll play for hours making up stories with his trains, kitchen and star wars toys.  He's always willing to help and that's a big thing right now since I'm riding the crazy roller coaster known as pregnancy.  He's really excited about baby L, having a brother, and sharing a room--- we'll see how that changes...

Happy Four Years, Bud!  Life wouldn't be the same without you!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Duck Park FHE

For FHE last week, we finally showed Greg the {Duck Park} we visited when Oba & Jiji came in town for Annabelle's birthday.  I think it had something to do with the EXTRA bread leftover from the party.  I think this is going to be a tradition after every birthday party.

Just like last time, we had a lot of fun.  The first words out of Greg's mouth were: "There are so many ducks."  I don't think he really believed us when we told him.  Also, just like last time, the kids needed a perch to stay above the ducks; this time, we set-up our bird restaurant on one of the benches.

While taking pictures, I actually had one of the those 'hide what the frisky boy duck is trying to do multiple girl ducks before I get questions from my preschooler' moments.  Definitely not a lesson for THIS FHE. :)

The kids spent most of the time on the benches until we were almost done.  Then, Annabelle decided to try and get closer.  She stood among them and even inched closer to a couple before they realized what she was trying to do.  Jared didn't want to get near them until we were about to leave.  Then, he wanted to get close to a specific duck because he wanted to feed it.  I love how determined he gets.

I love enjoying little moments like this.  Simple, yet, memorable.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Last Present, First Trike

Jared got one last present for his birthday this week... his first trike from Jiji & Oba.  It actually arrived while Greg was out of town.  Some women would wait for their husband and make them built it.  Good thing I'm not 'some women.'  The kids patiently helped throughout the whole building process.  It was actually really easy and fun to do.  Plus, I got the whole "look what I just made you" rush, the same rush I get when I make them something.  After it was finished, Jared wanted to take it out for his first ride right after it was built.  And since we didn't have any pressing matters, we did.

Here's video evidence of his first ride; I actually took a video before this, but half the video is me chasing me making sure he didn't drive right into the middle of the street:

He loves to go out and practice his new trike skills.  Every time we walk out the door, he wants to get on his trike and ride.  Mailbox... check.  Around the block.... check.  Up the hill... a little bit of a struggle, but... check.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Backyard Fun

Jared got a lot of fun outdoor toys for his birthday.  We spent most yesterday morning playing out there.  Both kids started in the new sandbox.

Annabelle stayed there (even completed her playtime by having an accident)....

While Jared shot some hoops...

complete with video.

I was not excited AT ALL to see my son enjoying basketball.  Nope, not at all.  Hopefully, we can get out there a little each morning before the summer sun gets too hot for us all.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Padawan Party

Ever since Jared started liking Star Wars, he would tell me that his next birthday party was going to be a Star Wars one.  So, he and I had been planning this party for a long time... like literally a year.  He was so excited when we'd do something new to plan for it or I'd ask him if he'd like the games I was thinking about.  All of it was SO WORTH IT.  The party was a success; we were all so tired by the end that the kids crashed and the adults talked the whole time.  It was a great day.

The Invites & Decorations
About a month before the party, we sent out an evite with this poem:

Four years ago in a galaxy far far away, a young padawan was born.
The council named him JARED.
In those four years, he began his training in the ways of the force.
Recently, the Jedi have felt a disturbance in the force which is only created by the Dark Side.
In order to defeat the Sith, the Council has asked Padawan Jared to gather more potential padawans & hasten to the JEDI TEMPLE at the ABOVE DATE for Jedi training.
There will be lunch for padawans and their guardians.
Please let the council know, if your padawan will attend.
May the force be with you!

Then, we decorated with lots and lots of Star Wars things.  Character medallions, black planets, May the Force Be with You banner.  We even had our favorite music from the movies playing the background the whole time.  We were set for a party in a galaxy far, far away.

The Food
Everything had a Star Wars tie-in.  The main food we had for {Annabelle's Mickey Party} was such a hit, that I think it will be our new party staple.  Wookie Turkey or Veggie Wraps for the Adults, and Ship-Shaped Sandwiches for the kids.  The kids picked if they wanted PB or meat.  For the sides we had: Lightsaber go-gurts, jabba jello jigglers, Darth Cheddars, and Droid Veggies and Dip.  Desserts were: Han in Chocolate Carbonite and Light vs. Dark Cupcakes.  Jedi Juice (Capri Sun) and Hoth-2O (bottled water) completed the spread.  Everything seemed to be a big hit--- yay for that.

The Games
Lightsabers:  We took pool noodles, sliced them in half, and wrapped some duck tape on the end.  These were a BIG. HIT.  At first, each of the kids had a balloon they had to try to keep it off the ground; a few minutes into that activity they started popping.  After all the balloons were gone, the kids spent the first 20 minutes or so of the party and just ran around having duels with each other.
Pin the Lightsaber on Yoda:  We found a picture of the little green jedi master, pieced it together, and got it laminated.  Then the kids were blind-folded and tried to put their lightsabers on Yoda's.  Some of our littlest party-goers even tried it.

Shoot the Stormtroopers:  On the gate keeping the crowd from destroying the playroom, we set up the Stormtrooper game.  We printed out three stormtroopers and the kids had to try to shoot them down with one of our small nerf guns.  Greg was there to help when they needed it, and they usually needed it because the trigger on the nerf gun is tricky.

Darth Star Destruction:  Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of this game; I was done outside after Pin the Tail on Yoda and didn't get back out to take these pictures.  Basically, we took a blue tarp, cut holes in it, and hung it from the backyard awning.  Then the kids were supposed to throw small balls in the holes.  Jared told me after the party that this was his favorite game.  Doh, should have gotten a picture.

The Presents & Favors
Jared's friends were very kind and brought all kind of neat things to his party.  Jared liked everything and didn't need any of it, but was very grateful.  Since he was so grateful, we sent everyone home with a Star Wars bag full of favors.  Things like a jedi bracelet, punch ball, bouncy ball, one of the foam lightsabers and even a certificate for completing their Jedi training!

The Darth
Near the end of the party, Greg secretly disappeared and changed into his Darth Vader costume.  We turned on the Imperial March and I told the Jedis what a great job they had done training when Darth Vader appeared.  I gasped and said, "Oh, no, it's Darth Vader.  Grab your lightsabers, kids and show Darth Vader that the dark side is bad."  Jared's response: "That's not Darth Vader, it's Daddy."  Can't fool that kid.  The kids were apprehensive at first, then Alex and Noelle really got into it.  Hilarious.  Once Jared realized that Darth Daddy was beatable... he was in too.  Then, everyone had a chance.  It ended up being really funny and I got one of the best pictures of Jared proving to me that EVERYTHING with the party was worth it.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Jared's Birthday Extravaganza

L to R: waking up, eating cake batter, handsome, sharing with his sister, Belle's big too, YogurtZone Trip

Opening Presents & Having Cake
FOUR years... where in the world has the time gone?  Jared turned FOUR this past week and we had a great time celebrating.  Mema & Deda were even able to come out for the celebrations; we were slightly bummed we couldn't have our typical Texas weather, but we still had a great time.  Mostly, I put them to work, getting ready for the birthday and party (which was yesterday and a BIG hit).

It was really nice having them here and I was super grateful for the extra hands in the birthday prepations.  If it's a party year, I like to have the decorations up the night before their actual birthday, so it's part of the birthday surprise.  Stars Wars had literally exploded all over our downstairs.  We made character medallions to hang from the ceiling, had our normal birthday banner and added a "May the Force Be With You" banner.  Jared LOVED it.

On Jared's birthday, it was actually pretty gloomy.  Luckily, we've been getting a lot of much needed rain lately, but it was a bummer to wake up and see it on Jared's birthday--- although he didn't seem to mind one bit.  Here's us waking him up for the day (he was a little excited):

Since it was rainy, we stayed inside and played.  Jared even picked a rainy day movie for us to watch... I bet you can't guess what it was... STAR WARS, Episode IV (that one is his favorite).  As soon as Greg got home, Jared ran over to him, told him it as his birthday and said "It's present time!"  We told him earlier in the day that he had to wait for Daddy to get home before he opened presents.  To complete the birthday theme, Jared's presents from us has a SW theme to it.  He got a book (with all six episode stories in it), R2D2 Trouble, a Star Wars tie (my homemade present to him), and new Star Wars sheets.  ***I actually got those randomly from my OBGYN, they're Pottery Barn and she sold them to me for super discount and they're in GREAT shape.  I even got a duvet cover that I cut apart and made the party favor bags with, Jared's ties, and I plan to make sheets for L's crib as well.  GREAT find.***  Mema & Deda got him a sand table to go out in the backyard; he and Annabelle were both really excited about that.

After having the dinner Jared picked (Pizza and salad), Mema and I actually had to go to a RS Meeting I was apart of planning.  Jared didn't seem to mind and apparently they spent the time playing his new game.  After we got back, we had just enough time before bedtime for singing, candles, and cake.  Yes, that's the rebel symbol from SW on his cake--- he LOVED it.  Here's him blowing the candles out:

The next day was the day I was not looking forward to: his Four-Year Check-Up... complete with school shots.  The whole appointment I kept looking at him in awe.  He had a eye exam, reflexes, the works--- a typical doctor visit--- no longer a baby.  It's so hard to imagine how much he's changed (and us, as well) in the last four years.  He's definitely helped me change into a better person and I know Greg would say the same.

Anywho, after everything was done, it was time for the shots--- five total.  I prepped him before, trying to remind him that we get these small boo-boos so we don't get more dangerous big boo-boos in our bodies later.  He did great until the first pricked, then the nurse and I had to pin him down in order to get the rest of them done.  As a result, the poor kid's thighs do not feel good.  AND to top it off, I had to take him to get him blood drawn right after(we're trying to figure out why he sweats and smells funky when he sweats); we needed an extra person to help pin him down this time because he had the memory of his shots just before.  Since he had such a traumatic time, he and I made a stop at YogurtZone where he picked his usual: chocolate & strawberry with gummy bears and chocolate sprinkles on top.

The next day was the big STAR WARS PARTY

LOVE my kids

Before I attempt to catch up... here's this year's Mother's Day present.  Even though I look a little bit on the pregnant side, I'm grateful that I can 'see' all my kids.

So grateful to have the ever-challenging blessing of being their Mother.  One of my greatest blessings.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Master Makeover: Part Two

Part One {HERE}

Since painting our Master Suite last June, we haven't really done much with it.  Until March, when Barb decided to move and asked us if we wanted hers and Jay's Master Bedroom set. (Jay & Dell actually bought it back in the 70s).  Since it was an heirloom we wanted it, but we were a little worried about two aspects:  the bed was a waterbed--- something neither of us wanted and the color and hardware looked a little bit dated--- deep dark brown stain, brass/gold hardware, the works.  Then, Greg turned to me and asked, "what if we can update it?"  That's when "Operation Bedroom Furniture" was born.

We were determined, all we had to do was chemically strip and sand the stain.  I say all like it was an easy process.  It's not. Greg spent hours upon hours in the garage, mostly after the kids went to bed.  Then, we had fantastic friends come over to help with the process.

And by we, I mean, Greg because I was barely out of my first trimester and banned from helping (since there were chemicals involved).  My part of the help was picking out the stain color. :)

The goal was to finish the bed before Mema & Deda came it town for Jared's birthday, so they wouldn't have to sleep on the futon.  He made his goal.

The finished bed (I marked the picture, so I could put it on our craft blog.  Check out the lamps--- those are refurbished as well):

Upclose of the stain:

To remedy the waterbed problem, we bought a memory foam mattress.  It formed right inside the frame and sits just above the wooden edges.  It's really weird having so much room; our old bed was a Queen.

Since he worked so hard, he's taking a break and will pick back up when the kids and I leave for Seattle at the end of next month.  He still has the armoire, two nightstands and dresser to go.  The goal for those is before Baby L is born.  Knowing my man, he'll make his goal.  Then, just maybe, I'll be able to park my new car in the garage (we haven't been able to use the garage since we got the furniture back in March).

Hey, a girl can hope.

Monday, May 7, 2012

30 by 30: #13 Buy a Van (Swagger Wagon)

Posing with their new ride :)
The second thing we crossed off my {30 by 30 List}, #13, Buy a Van a.k.a. my Swagger Wagon.

I really wasn't expecting this to be one of the first ones done, but a couple weekends ago, Greg emailed me about this great deal on a Sienna across town.  He then told me we were scheduled to test drive it the next day.  After talking about it that night, we realized that having just the Highlander for our family would be good... up until Baby L is born.  Yes, we have the third row seat, but it's really hard to get seats, and people, in and out of it.  So, we decided, if the price was right and the decision felt right, that we would buy the van.

Too bad it wasn't there the next day.  The dealership accidentally reserved the wrong van for us to drive; in fact, they couldn't even find the van they reserved for us.  Since I'm in a 'delicate condition,' I was done.  I wanted to walk out right then.  Greg helped me breath and take a break.  The dealership felt bad we drove across town for nothing so they started to show us a few other vans.

The first one was a dump. They just barely got it in, not cleaned, had a TON of miles on it and no bells and whistles.  If I'm buying a 'Swagger Wagon' it NEEDs a couple bells and whistles.  So, it was walk out time.

The salesman then comes back with a one of the Siennas in the front, which we assumed was out of our price range.  He then tells us they dropped the price on this van because they 'felt bad' (i.e. really wanted a sale today) we drove out for a non-existent van.  A few minutes of haggling later and we were in the middle of buying our first van.

Honestly--- we all LOVE it.  The only bummer is that we didn't have it a couple weeks earlier for our Utah Trip.  I love the room, the seats, the gas mileage; I could do without the car payment, however, we'll survive.  It was the right move for our family.  Greg and I pull the 'swagga' pose all the time.  Jared has said multiple times that 'this is awesome'-- regarding riding in his captain's chair.  Annabelle constantly tries to sit in the back row without her seat.

AND It'll be really nice in four months when we actually need that last row. :)

Sunday, May 6, 2012

First Swim

We had our first swimming adventure of the season a couple days ago.  Even though the water was cool (by Texas standards) we enjoyed ourselves.  True to form, Annabelle was in as soon as her floaties were on.  Jared went into the water, but wanted to play in the shallow areas until he remembered what swimming was all about.

Personally, I enjoyed the water immensely because I didn't have the weight of a growing baby boy pushing on everything inside of me.

Jared really wants to take Mema & Deda when they come in town in a couple of days.  Forecast says rain, but hopefully not the whole time.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

30 by 30: #6 NBA Playoff Game

Waiting for the Game to Start
On the list is was actually 'any' playoff game, but it ended up being an NBA playoff game.

Last year, when the Cards played the Rangers for the World Series, I really wanted to go to a game.  I mean really wanted to go.  However, when we looked at tickets, my hopes were instantly squashed.  It was AT LEAST $250 per ticket (for the nosebleeds) without parking.  We are currently not in the position to use that kind of money for a sports games... even it was the World Series... and my favorite team was also playing in it.  This is why 'going to a playoff game' became one of my 30 by 30s.

Flash-forward to a few weeks ago when we were in Utah, the Jazz were then in a race for 8th place (the last team to get into the playoffs).  It was all over the place and I found myself getting really excited for the Jazz (first team I ever rooted for--- first professional game I remember going to--- even though I went to the Dodgers-Royals game when I was a toddler).

The teams warming up.
Greg and I figured out that IF the Jazz were to MAKE the playoffs, then they would be playing our home team, the Spurs, already a lock in for first.  So, once they did clinch 8th, the hunt for affordable playoff tickets was on.

I really didn't think we were going to find anything, given our last experience.  However, Greg found the upper-section had tickets for $11 a piece with $7 parking!  As soon as he told me that, I knew we were going... and WE DID.

Some amazing friends watched the mini-versions, and we had a GREAT date night.  The Spurs really know how to treat the crowd.  As soon as we walked in the door, we were handed free noise-makers; basically, hand-held drums.  We used those to clap all night.  With my past experiences, in the cheap-o seats, I was a little worried that I wouldn't be able to handle the walk or the seats, given my current gestational state.  The hike was minimal and the seats were AMAZING.  Cushioned, comfortable AND the court actually looked real, not mini-sized.
My blurry shot of the tip-off

The Jazz ended up losing badly, however, we totally understand why everyone in this city is so in LOVE with the Spurs.  First off, they played incredible.  Second, they are good group of guys---not egotistical maniacs who have completely turned this once-devoted NBA fan, away from the game.  Third---they really know how to treat their fans.  Out of all of the Texas teams, Greg and I both agreed that it would not be blasphemous if our children ended up Spurs fans.

We had THAT good of a time.

Oh... we also got to see Coach Pop win Coach of the Year.  Bonus.

Another Bonus.  It was an early game--- we got home just after the kids went to bed.  Always great on a date night.

Since We've Been Back

A few things have happened since we came back from Utah.

Annabelle is still in the midst of potty training.  We had to relearn a little because of the trip.  Her pee-pee accidents are few and far between, so she no longer gets rewarded for that.  However, #2 is a different story.  She still has pull-ups on for nap and night time, so, usually, she waits until nap time to do her business in her pull-up.  It's frustrating, yes, but she was ready to start this process.  She's also getting close to filling up her chart, which means we go to the zoo.

A couple nights ago, the kids were outside playing on the swing set.  Apparently, they figured out how to turn the hose on and drenched themselves just before Greg and I realized exactly what they were doing.  They thought it was hilarious... they were right. (However, we did talk about how we don't touch the hose without Mommy or Daddy...)

Jared had his last day of preschool today.  Since he's have a Star Wars birthday party next weekend, all of our activities were Star Wars Themed.  We practiced writing with some characters, made space slime and built our own Shape Spaceships.  It'll be nice to have a summer break, but I'm so glad preschool will start up around the same time baby L is born.

Completed TWO things on my 30 by 30 list: we bought and mini-van and Greg & I went to the Spurs versus Jazz playoff game yesterday.  Woo hoo for being productive!

My Mother's Day present came early.  We've been enjoying it. (It's an abelskiever pan) 

Speaking of being productive... now we're getting ready for Mema & Deda to visit in a week for Jared's Birthday.

All of these things have really made us all tired... especially Annabelle...


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