Friday, April 27, 2012

Utah Trip: Land of Fetal Photos

 IT'S A BOY!!!

To Wait or Not to Wait?
As I mentioned earlier, Greg and I originally had varying opinions on if we should go to the appointment or not.  Before this, I had never done anything like this in my previous pregnancies AND I wanted to have the chance to tell others in person the BIG news.  Originally, we discussed not finding out and waiting to have that experience, but 12 weeks into the pregnancy, we were already wanting to know 'who' is in my tummy and stop calling him 'it.'  Since Meg had to go through all her stuff, we decided to use the time that we would have been sitting around the go.  Annette went with us to help us get where we needed to go.

It's a....
We were a little late to the appointment, so they informed us that they only had time to do the shortest session; totally fine with us because that's the one we wanted to do.  Greg and I went back to the room and those last few seconds before we saw him were the nervous seconds.  Both of us had clear impressions that he was a boy, however, it's those last few moments that make you second guess.  We shouldn't have--- the first thing we saw (inadvertently because it was the only thing among the black) was the 'evidence' that he was really a he.

The technician didn't notice though and continued to look at all the other parts of his body first.  We got to see all of our newest little boy.  Head, spine, heart, tummy, legs, feet.  Then, she went back to find 'the proof' and he would. not. budge.  He was happy in his position and would not move.  After a few minutes, he must have realized what we were looking for because then he wouldn't stop showing us.  Then, she tried to get his hands but they were up near my hip--- probably part of the reason why I have hip pains A LOT.  It was a real relaxing experience and nice bonding experience for the three of us.  We also got a little over 10 pictures and they even put them on a CD for us.

For those of you who want to know, we have picked a name.  It has many meanings to us, we love it, and it feels right.  Just like our two before, he'll only be known as 'Baby L' or "Baby Boy" until he makes he debut outside the womb.

Driving Up the Grade & Sharing the News
It was really hard not to say anything to Annette once we got out of the appointment.  I caught myself before I said 'he' when talking about the baby and how he wouldn't move.  But, we had a few more people to tell before--- at least one big brother and sister. :)  Beaming with excitement, we decided to go a different way back.  Annette told us they finally finished the road up the back of the canyon, so off we went.  It was really neat to see 'Happy Valley' from another view.

Once we got back, we pulled the kids, my parents, and Meg outside and shared the news.  We started by showing all the other pictures of him... his face, feet, spine... and then we said to Jared and Annabelle, "and guess what? You two are going to have a baby brother."  Jared's and my Mom's reactions were the best.  Jared's smile was one of the biggest I've seen it and my Mom gasped.  Annabelle, Pops and Meg had huge smiles too, and we had to tell Annabelle a few times, but it was still really exciting.  Before we went inside, we called Mema, Deda, and Gramma and had Jared and Annabelle tell them they were going to have a baby brother.  Then, we went inside and told the news to the extended family which was another neat experience.

After having these moments, Greg came to me and said, "I'm really glad we did this."  He was really excited to see his new son, as was I.  Now, we just have 20 or so weeks to get to hold him. :)

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