Saturday, April 28, 2012

Utah Trip: Family Time

Last, but not least, we had the weekend to enjoy doing family things (non-related to graduation) :)

Megan's got a lot of Stuff & Baby Drama
Saturday, literally the day after graduation, was the day Meg's complex kicked all the residents out.  No rest for the weary.  So, bright and early, the menfolk and Meg went down to her apartment to gather all her things and vacate the premises; turns out, Meg has a lot of stuff.

While in the midst of our crazy adventures the day before, Nett asked Greg and I when we were going to find out about the baby (gender-wise), I told her next week.  So, she suggested that we schedule an appointment to one of the MANY fetal photo places in the area to do it with everyone around.  Inside, I was SO EXCITED she mentioned the idea.  Literally, jumping through my emotional skin excited.

I had never done anything like that and I KNEW where I was going on vacation, so I knew the possibilities.  Plus, I was really bummed that we couldn't tell SOME of our family in person, who exactly is in my belly.  So, we made the appointment.  During the graduation days, Greg tried (almost succeeded) to convince me out of it.  I felt bummed, he didn't feel like I did.  After one too many pregnancy-induced emotional outbursts due to my lack of control, Greg and I calmly talked about it and decided we REALLY wanted to keep the appointment... but... I'll talk about the appointment in the next post.

It ended up being a good thing because Meg spent the whole time we were gone sorting through her stuff and figuring out exactly what she wanted to immediately take home (because ALL of it wasn't going to fit in my folks' car).  Seriously, she had a lot of stuff.  She finished shortly after we got back and we pack up the Jackson/H clan to head up to Salt Lake City and, eventually, Granni & Grandad's place.

Salt Lake City & a Japanese Dinner
Taking the kids to Salt Lake City was one of my goals on this trip.  Whenever we talk about the prophet and apostles, Jared wants to know where they are and where they 'work.'  I had also read in the Ensign or Friend about the Church History Museum having a Book of Mormon hands-on exhibit that I thought the kids might enjoy.

We parked under the Conference Center and were able to glance inside and show Jared just how big the room is; he gasped, said 'whoa' and asked where the prophet was.  Then, we walked outside and saw the temple.  It took us a few minutes, but we were able to convince them that's where Oba & Jiji got married.  After Annabelle was convinced, that's all she would say.  We then headed over to the museum... and it didn't seem like the exhibit was in sight.  Instead, we decided to enjoy the museum as much as we could before it closed.  About 20 minutes before closing time, we head to a back corner of the museum and find the exhibit.  The kids then did their best to enjo what they could before it closed.  Annabelle found some Latina clothes to dress up and dance in, while Jared fished with Jiji, tried to pick up the plates and built a Nephite building with Greg.  They also had interactive they played on until the docents kicked us out.

After the museum, we went over to the North Visitors Center to see the Christus.  Annabelle said, "look it's Jesus!"  Jared tried to touch His feet a couple times.  We sat and relaxed a few minutes while the kids looked at Him.  We explored a little more downstairs before we headed out to meet Granni & Grandad for dinner at one of our favorite Japanese places.

Extending ONE More Day & Target Practice
Originally, we planned to stay through Saturday and leave Sunday morning.  After going through the actual journey and exhausting days of the trip, neither of us wanted to do that.  Plus, we still hadn't gone to see Jay's grave AND a few relatives planned to come down for a BBQ get-together.  Our only problem was that the boys didn't have proper church attire with them.  So, off we went to Target to find some clothes and a little bit more food for the next day.  It was pretty uneventful... until I broke my phone in the bathroom.  Literally.  Now I have to get it replaced.  Boo on that.  It has felt so so so strange NOT to have a phone.

Visiting Grampa Jay
Granni & Grandad had late morning church, so we got up a little early to get ready and stop by Grampa Jay's grave before.  It was the first time Annabelle had visited; Jared went the last time we came to Utah in February 2009.  The kids were really reverent; it was super sweet.  Once we found his grave, Jared knelt down and touched it.  Annabelle came by and Jared told her it was Grampa.  At that moment they decided to start picking flowers for him (and we realized we should have brought some ourselves); they went around picking the dandilions and put them gently on the headstone.

Then, we flipped over the built-in vase and they started a little collection for him.  We all started laughing because we knew Jay would've gotten a kick out of his grandkids picking weeds to put on his grave.  Greg also spent time taking pictures of half the cementary--- because he's related to them somehow.  On our way, Jared kept collecting flowers and half-way to the car, he came up to me and said, "I have something for you, Mama," and he gave me the whole pile.  It was really sweet.

Church & Family Picnic
We only stayed for sacrament because of the family coming in, but the kids did okay.  I think with the go-go-go of the whole week, they were done.  The get-together was fun.  It was rather warm that day, so once we ate I was done.  Most the group went outside and played croquet and other fun games.  My energy was so lacking; I got a taste of the upcoming summer.  Not looking forward to the heat.  We were so grateful to stay the extra day.  It was nice to relax and spend more time with family we hadn't seen in a while.  Even though our visits were over, we still had to get through the trip home.

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