Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Weekend 2012

We had a great Easter weekend and it all started with us getting a surprise Easter package from the Mema easter bunny.  The kids were really excited...
THEN---Gramma came down the Saturday before.  She recently decided that she's moving to Massachusetts :(, so we're spending as much time with her as we can before she moves at the end of May.  We didn't know exactly what time she'd be down in the morning, so I scheduled a hair appointment fix my way outgrown hair.  She ended up coming right before I left, so she & Greg took the kids to the 'big park' while they waited for me to be done.

They had a lot of fun on the swings--especially Annabelle.  Jared recently learned how to climb on pretty much everything at this park (gives me a scare every time he does it).  Afterwards, we met up for lunch and had a nice visit while the kids napped.

Baskets & Breakfast
Like I've said before, we try really hard to teach the kids why we celebrate Easter (and why it's just as important as Christmas).  This year, we used our {Easter Countdown} as our scriptures in the days leading up to Easter and the kids were really attentive.  Jared is really into asking 'why' right now; so most of the week, we had to answer questions like 'why did He die for us?' 'why did they want to kill him?'  Most of the time, the endless 'whys' can be endlessly annoying, but those ones we were excited to answer.

SO--- because of this reasoning, when the Easter Bunny visits our house, he leaves a couple gifts:  one is something the kids would like (for Bellie is was a princess, Jared a Star Wars game) and another is a gift which helps us remember and celebrate Jesus Christ (new quiet books for sacrament).  We took a video of the kids looking for their baskets:

 After finding the baskets, we made our traditional Resurrection Rolls for breakfast.  This year, Jared understood when we started talking about the symbols of each ingredient.  When the rolls were done, Jared saw that the marshmellow was gone and proclaimed, "The marshmellow is gone, just like Jesus' body."  It was awesome to see him get the connection.

While waiting to go to church, we dyed our eggs.  The only thing I didn't get this Easter, a family picture.  Whoops, mental note for next year. :)

Multi-Family Get-Together PLUS the Missionaries
After church, we got together at our friend's house for our 'it's a holiday, let's get together' tradition.  It usually includes the core three neighborhood families and any of our other friendly families we remember.  This time we had two other families and the missionaries join our celebration, for a total of 13 adults and 10 kids.  Can you say 'full house?'  It was fantastic; each time we get together, I feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends, who are like family.  The food and company were great, as always.  After dinner, the hunt was on.

The Hunt
Each family was in charge of bringing a little bunch of plastic eggs for the hunt.  For our addition, I made a trip to the dollar store and party section of Target to get little cha-key toys, instead of MORE candy (by this point in Easter, our family had enough candy to celebrate TWO easters).  After the men-folk hid the eggs, we sent out the kids in waves, according to their ages.  Pre-nursery/nursery--- primary age.

Here's Annabelle on the hunt.  She exclaimed, "I see one" or "I got one" every time she found one.  What a difference a year makes:

Then the big kids were let out and this year, boy, did Jared enjoy finding the eggs.  Here's his video (warning: it's shaky).  Notice he couldn't quite get that first egg in the basket (and I, being the good mommy that I am, don't help him, I just laugh):

Here are some more pictures to go along with the videos:

Mid-hunt FUN!
The kids and their BFFS (Jared & Caleb-- with matching Easter baskets) (Alex & Annabelle)

Showing off their loot
The whole group enjoying the spoils (I really like little Paul's expression in the bottom left)

Finishing the celebrations off with MORE sugar (this time in the form of cupcakes!)
 All in all, it was fabulous Easter.  Each year (and even holiday) get better and better when we get together.  When's the next one? ;)

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