Saturday, April 14, 2012

Annabelle Milestones

Annabelle hit two big milestones this past week.

First---Potty Training Starts.  She & I went shopping the other day for baby gifts.  While in one of the baby aisles, she spotted some Disney Princess underwear.  She was really excited to see it, I told her that if we got it, she would use this instead of her diaper to go pee-pees like a big girl.  She got ALL excited and said okay.

I was so torn.  We had planned to start this little adventure after we got back from our big trip to Seattle for Park's homecoming and Z & Krystal's Wedding.  We were just a little worried about all the change from our Utah & Seattle trip; wanted to make things consistent.  But, Annabelle ALWAYS does things her way (even her birth).  So, we started now.

She's doing rather well.  She absolutely doesn't like the small potty, so we already got rid of it and she's using the big one with a training seat.  The very first day had a #2 success/accident.  She had her underwear on and in the middle of playing she realized she had to use the potty.  Well, let's just say she let a little out before she made it, BUT she made it as well.  She doesn't have nearly as many accidents as Jared did; I don't know if that holds to the 'girls are easier to train than boys' but it's certainly giving us less messy days.  She gets so excited when she had a success.  As do we.  Hopefully, our trip next week won't ruin any of the progress she's made. 

It's actually a really good thing because I have to do so much bending over to help her with wiping and putting her clothes.  It'll get harder and harder as I get bigger and bigger.

Second---The day after we started this adventure, I found a great deal on a proper big girl bed for Annabelle.  Since climbing out of her crib in November, she's been sleeping in Jared's old crib, without the one side.  It's worked just fine, but with baby on the way, we wanted to get her something else.

When I got home with it, she squealed.  She really likes it, especially hoarding all of her animals and dolls with her.  We moved it against the wall and she has yet to fall out... getting her to stay in bed and go to sleep is a different story...

We're so excited to see her accomplish new things each day.  She's growing up... sometimes a little too fast for us, but always at the pace for Annabelle.

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