Friday, March 2, 2012

Gweg Starts a NEW decade

As in he turned the big 3-0, a couple weeks ago!

We had a WHOLE BIRTHWEEK of celebrations leading up to the big day.  After the whole week was done, Greg told me he felt so loved and how it was one of his best birthdays.  Here's the rundown of our celebrations.  I put each activity up on our birthday board, as we got to the day.

DAY 1:  Family Movie Night.  Greg had movie choice for movie night, complete with popcorn.  He chose Star Wars, Episode 4.  Jared completely approved. :)

DAY 2:  Nerf Gun Ambush.  I saw a great idea on Pinterest; it was a picture of a Nerf gun.  This was our re-creation.
Once it was about time for Greg to get home, the kids and I hid up on the stairs.  I gave them each a small nerf gun and I had the same one as Greg.  Here are the kids waiting for Greg.
 We only waited for a few minutes, however, it felt like forever because the kids kept asking me if Daddy was home yet!  They were excited to get their attack on!  We had SO MUCH FUN.  Jared was even brave enough to go up to Greg and start shooting him.  Greg told me later that it was a perfect way to relax right after work. :)

DAY 3:  Date Night.  Fantastic night to add to the celebration.  Dinner and Education Night (our stake does this monthly--- modeled after BYU's Education Week).  We thoroughly enjoyed the night.

DAY 4:  Model Camaro...?  One of Greg's biggest desires is to own a 1968 Camaro.  Not exactly in our price range right now, so I wanted to buy him the next best thing:  a model of that car.  My plan didn't work out the way I wanted to because of the whole 'first trimester pregnant with exhaustion' thing, so I told him about it today.  I felt like I failed this day, however, Greg said it was plus because it was relaxing AND he saw a full rainbow on his way to work.

DAY 5:  Three Decades of Presents.  The kids and I picked out three presents to give to Greg on this day.  Each one represented one of the decades he has been alive.  First:  Pete's Dragon on DVD.  Greg and I bonded over the fact that we both watched this a lot growing up, so I simply HAD get it for decade 1.  Decade 2, the decade every little boy develops a fascination with video games, so we got him Lego Harry Potter 1-4 video game. Decade 3, a steering wheel to decorate his office with.  It represents his love of cars, the fact that he's an engineer and he's 'old' because we got him an office decoration. :)

DAY 6:  Memories of Greg.  In the weeks leading up to Greg's birthday, I emailed friends and family asking them to send me a favorite memory they have about Greg.  My grand plan was to print it out and give it to him, however, I ended up just emailing to him and his kindle (since there are some people we are still waiting to hear from....)  We also went out to our favorite Mexican restaurant.

DAY 7:  So long, Twenties!  Hello, Thirties!  THE BIG DAY.  He took the day off because his BIG present this year was a day date with me to do a Segway Tour downtown.  We had a GREAT time, but that's another {POST}.

After our date, we had a nice quiet evening, with yummy dinner.  Then, we invited our neighborhood family over for cake and ice cream.

 The birthday boy, his cake and special pin the kids picked out for him.

My goal this whole week was to help Greg feel special because we certainly think he is around these parts.  He is the best eternal companion a girl could EVER ask for and I fall even more in love with him each day.

Happy 30th, babe.  You rock.

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