Saturday, March 31, 2012

16 Weeks

How far along: 16 weeks (4 months-- woo hoo)
Weight Gain this Month, Total Weight Gain:  2 lbs, 11ish lbs
Approximate Size of Baby:  an avocado-sized 4 1/2 inches
Last Guess for Gender:  Considering my symptoms, Greg and I both think it's a boy.
Maternity Clothes:  exclusively my small stuff, I can't really fit into anything else now
Sleep:  I have a little bit of insomnia... not helping my 'constantly-tired' feeling
Memorable Moments: traveling to Houston for my aunt's wedding (which was today).  It was fun to see aunts, uncles, cousins and my grandparents who haven't been around me when I'm pregnant *** I'm starting to not feel so tired every day, I'm excited to get more things accomplished***  We decided on names this month, we won't know if it's Baby L (boy) or Baby E (girl) until next month's appointment.
Movement:  Definitely feel the 'flutters' every few days.  It's the one symptom I'm glad to have 'earlier' this time around.
Exercise:  Not much; I'm looking forward to the weather warming up, so we can go swimming more often.
Food Cravings/Aversions:  I was able to drink my first soda this month.  Apparently, BJ's Root Beer isn't fizzy enough to make me sick.  I'm glad I'm not completely cut off, however, it's not a bad thing to be cut off from.***  I figured out that I simply CANNOT handle fried-bread.  I ordered a Chimichanga at Chuy's a few weeks ago and my stomachache was so bad had to pick out the insides. ***  I will ALWAYS crave a good burger or some scrambled eggs.  The way they both melt in my mouth is... mmmm... making me hungry right now.
Not-so-Fun Symptoms:  The early aches and pains are already bugging me.  Since I'm starting to feel better, I tend to over-extend myself, but that's usually typical of my personality.  whoops.  Tums and I have become BFFs again, but not to the degree with Annabelle.
What I Miss:  sounds silly, but cold sandwiches :)
What I'm looking forward to:  Finding out the Gender, being over the halfway mark, driving to Utah to see Meg graduate from my alma mater and seeing the rest of the family in the process (not to mention, eating at In 'n Out--- since Utah has been invaded since we moved).
Anything Else:  I started to feel more like myself this month.  I got some energy back, made dinner & crafted for the first time in a month.  I hope this doesn't go away anytime soon.

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