Saturday, March 31, 2012

16 Weeks

How far along: 16 weeks (4 months-- woo hoo)
Weight Gain this Month, Total Weight Gain:  2 lbs, 11ish lbs
Approximate Size of Baby:  an avocado-sized 4 1/2 inches
Last Guess for Gender:  Considering my symptoms, Greg and I both think it's a boy.
Maternity Clothes:  exclusively my small stuff, I can't really fit into anything else now
Sleep:  I have a little bit of insomnia... not helping my 'constantly-tired' feeling
Memorable Moments: traveling to Houston for my aunt's wedding (which was today).  It was fun to see aunts, uncles, cousins and my grandparents who haven't been around me when I'm pregnant *** I'm starting to not feel so tired every day, I'm excited to get more things accomplished***  We decided on names this month, we won't know if it's Baby L (boy) or Baby E (girl) until next month's appointment.
Movement:  Definitely feel the 'flutters' every few days.  It's the one symptom I'm glad to have 'earlier' this time around.
Exercise:  Not much; I'm looking forward to the weather warming up, so we can go swimming more often.
Food Cravings/Aversions:  I was able to drink my first soda this month.  Apparently, BJ's Root Beer isn't fizzy enough to make me sick.  I'm glad I'm not completely cut off, however, it's not a bad thing to be cut off from.***  I figured out that I simply CANNOT handle fried-bread.  I ordered a Chimichanga at Chuy's a few weeks ago and my stomachache was so bad had to pick out the insides. ***  I will ALWAYS crave a good burger or some scrambled eggs.  The way they both melt in my mouth is... mmmm... making me hungry right now.
Not-so-Fun Symptoms:  The early aches and pains are already bugging me.  Since I'm starting to feel better, I tend to over-extend myself, but that's usually typical of my personality.  whoops.  Tums and I have become BFFs again, but not to the degree with Annabelle.
What I Miss:  sounds silly, but cold sandwiches :)
What I'm looking forward to:  Finding out the Gender, being over the halfway mark, driving to Utah to see Meg graduate from my alma mater and seeing the rest of the family in the process (not to mention, eating at In 'n Out--- since Utah has been invaded since we moved).
Anything Else:  I started to feel more like myself this month.  I got some energy back, made dinner & crafted for the first time in a month.  I hope this doesn't go away anytime soon.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

St. Patrick's Weekend with Jiji

We had a great blessing this weekend... Jiji came to visit.  He has a new client in Dallas, and before my aunt's wedding date changed, he scheduled a business trip to see them and then drive down for the wedding.  When it changed, he decided to use the weekend to come and have his own "Jiji Visit."

It was kind of rainy here most of the visit and Jiji had to work, so it was mostly inside time just being silly.  We went to Chuy's & Rudy's (mmmmm...) and had a fun outing to Cascade Caverns on St. Patrick's Day.

St. Patrick's Day
Leading up to SP Day, we told the kids that Leprechauns would come to the house, be silly and leave us some treats.  They didn't disappoint and TRASHED our living room.  Blankets and pillows everywhere, chairs crooked (dogs and cats living together, MASS HYSTERIA).
Look what the Leprechauns did! (and my 14 week belly)
Inside the empty ottoman, the Leprechauns left everyone treats, including Mommy, Daddy, and Jiji.  The kids even got two new books about St. Patrick's Day.
Finding the spoils... they were so shocked about the whole thing that this is the closest we got them to being still

For breakfast, we asked the kids if they wanted green milk and eggs; Jared would only let us do the eggs... something about green milk freaked him out.

Cascade Caverns

After we cleaned up the Leprechaun mess, we decided to have an outing; we wanted to go somewhere we'd never been, so we found some caverns just north of us.  Right outside the entrance to the cave was the HUGE foam dinosaur.  Apparently, it was movie prop and left as a donation to the caverns; Jared thought it was neat and Annabelle didn't trust it one bit.

While we waited for our cave tour, we explored the area.  It was basically caverns in the middle of an RV park.  The map told us there was a park for the kids to play at, however, it didn't exist; so we spent most of the time playing games and climbing rocks.

Once on the tour, it was make sure Jared and Bellie don't touch anything thing or fall down.  In order to enter the cave, there were some crazy slippery stairs.  Annabelle biffed it on her bum once, in the middle of this big cave puddle.  Luckily, it was only her bum that was wet.  There were multiple parts to the cave where I realized that if I were any more pregnant, it wouldn't have been possible.  For instance, there was a 20 ft section of just walking bent over.  PLUS it was the type of cave where we had to turn around and back-track to get out.  So, we had to do it twice.  The second time around, Greg accidentally bashed his head while standing up.  He has a nice cut and left his mark on the cave.  We also saw a cave lizard and some mammoth fossils.

By the time we were done, all of our pants bottoms were soaked and muddy.  Soaked and muddy, but we had a lot of fun.

He left early Tuesday morning and the kids have been asking for him since, it's a really good thing we get to see him next month for Meg's Graduation.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Indoor Picnic

I promised the kiddos, we'd have a picnic with lunch today.  The windy Spring weather didn't want to cooperate, so we moved our picnic inside.

When getting into bed for naptime, Jared said, "we need to do a blanket picnic again..."

It's the little things that make days special... I'm sure hoping they get sleep at naptime because Jiji is driving down for a weekend visit as this moment.  We're all a little excited to see him. :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Let There Be Light

 ... in our front hallway... that is.

It all started when we built the house.  We turned our formal dining room into an office, complete with double doors.  We planned to put in French Doors as soon as we moved it, but, as it was being built our fantastic contractor put up some temporary push doors (which were no additional cost to us).  We moved in, had Annabelle, and the doors kept getting put off.  It got to the point that the kids even nicknamed the hallway as 'the dark hallway.'

Almost two & half years later, Greg took a weekend and bought some unfinished doors.  He took the time to prep them, bought the hardware, and recently painted them with Jared.

Jared the helper.

I absolutely LOVE the light it brings into the hallway.  Now the kids have no reason to call our front hallway the 'dark hallway' anymore.

Woo Hoo!

Monday, March 12, 2012

An Explanation

There's a reason why I haven't been so good at keeping the blog up-to-date this year...  I think it's a pretty good one too...

As of September, we'll be a family of FIVE!
I found out the same week I had the preschool rotation, so the kids were lucky we even got the planets up.  I've been nausea, exhausted, grumpy, excited, and nervous--- and sometimes at the same time.  I spent the first couple of weeks of the pregnancy going back and forth from my doctor's office to get my blood drawn.  Since I had two miscarriages with my most recent pregnancies, they (and Greg & I) wanted to make sure my levels were increasing normally.
That's my due date.  We waited so long to announce because of my paranoia.  Annabelle was two weeks early, so with this one, that would put us at September 1st.  We'll see..  the only thing I'm not looking forward too is being third trimester pregnant in the hot Texas summer... boo on that.  Good thing the end result is SOOOO worth it.

The kids are really excited; Jared has told us that he wants a brother and Annabelle, a sister.  Since we've already seen and heard the newest babe, one of them will be a little bit disappointed.  Hopefully not too much.

Speaking of the kids... for your viewing pleasure... Jared
and Annabelle.

So, like I said, I had (have) a reason for being a lazy-blogger.  I really want to catch up because I'm missing writing down fun little things, here and there, so here's hoping for a great Second Trimester.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Birthday Date: Segway SA

As I mentioned in his {birthweek} post, Greg wanted to do a Segway tour of downtown SA for his big birthday present.  I was a little wary because I didn't know if they'd let me (being pregnant and all).  We decided to not lie to the segway people, but just not tell them I was pregnant.  That way we could go.  We scheduled our appointment for early morning thinking we'd get some lunch on the Riverwalk afterwards.  We also scheduled a public tour (because it was cheaper) and thought we'd have one or two more riders with us.

After dropping our kids off with some FANTASTIC friends, we headed out on the birthday date.  We were running a little late for our appointment time and we (meaning I) was super-worried we wouldn't make it and that the rest of the group would leave without us.  When we got there, my worries vanished because we were the only ones there... the only ones who had signed up for the early time.  Awesome Birthday Surprise #1.

Number 2 came shortly with the tour and our guide.  He. was. awesome.  He only does the Segway Tours as a second job; his first is at the Witte Museum (natural history type place).  So, he knew all of these incredible facts about SA that we had never heard before. So, we ended up having a private tour with the best guide possible.  Not bad for a birthday celebration.

NEW things we learned about SA:
  • It was THE typical Western town you picture when you think of the 'Wild West'
  • The Buckhorn Saloon is in its FOURTH location and was the typical saloon from the above time.
  • People used to motor/jet ski on the River downtown.
  • The Majestic (downtown theatre) was nearly bulldozed to make way for more high-rises.
  • There was an underground tunnel between the Majestic, other downtown theatres and hotels so that acts could get to their multiple showings every night.
  • The apartment complex from Ghostbusters... you know... the 'end of the world' 'gateway for Gozer' building... yeah, it's here.
  • The former headquarters for HEB was used as a weapons facility in WWI... it's right on the Riverwalk.
  • There's a federal reserve downtown.  If you are an old lady, who is on a Segway tour, and accidentally falls in front of it, you (and your group) will be instantly surrounded by federal agents.
  • By the time the battle of the Alamo occurred, the Alamo had been largely abandoned for over 40 years, as the city center had shifted 3/4 of a mile to the west where the Church of Nuestra Senora de la Candelaria y Guadalupe (San Fernando Cathedral) was established.
  • Most of downtown was located west of San Fernando Cathedral (oldest cathedral in the US) until the Riverwalk was improved.
  • SA has a beautiful district called King William, the homes are old school turn-of-the-century.  It's where all the German settlers resided (hence the name).  Today, there are still carriage steps outside most of those homes.  Greg and I had a picture taken outside of a house with one of the best porches ever.  Our guide teased that would be our house since there's lots of shoes on the porch and a mini-van parked outside.
  • Pioneer Flour Mills (Guenther House) is apparently one of the best restaurants to have breakfast at.  It's downtown and usually very busy.  It's located next to the King William District.
  • There is always a fight between city developers and the historical society on pretty much everything downtown that might be worth saving.

After our wonderful tour, we decided to try the good ol' Buckhorn for lunch.  This place is SO west it's not even funny.  Back in the day, the owner used to give our a free beer to anyone who brought in antlers.  The place is literally covered with antlers and animal heads; apparently, you will get laughed out of the joint if you try to order food after 5 pm.  We both tried some burgers and they were SOOO good.  Seriously need to remember to take out-of-towners here.... or maybe it was just my crazy hormones.

We had a great time and both remarked how lucky we feel to live in such an amazing city.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Last week, the kids thought it was SUPER amusing to randomly start spinning after they got their jammies on.  It was actually entertaining... so we took a video.  Enjoy!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

12 Weeks

How far along: 12 weeks (3 months--- 2 weeks until the Second Trimester)!
Weight Gain this Month, Total Weight Gain: *cough* 5 lbs (it's all the bread I crave), 9ish lbs
Approximate Size of Baby:  2 inches, about the size of a lime
Maternity Clothes:  Fitting into the largest of my normal collection (with belly band) and smallest of my maternity clothes
Sleep:  Having a little bit of insomnia.  I have a hard time falling asleep once I go to bed
Memorable Moments: This month, Jared asked me how the baby comes out.  I told him I'll go to the hospital and push him/her out.  He said, oh.  Luckily, he didn't ask from where.  ***  We told the rest of the family members this past month.  We emailed the 8 week video to my parents and they were able to show my grandparents.  It was great.  We still haven't told Uncle Elder, Greg wants me to show up to the airport, 7 months pregnant, and surprise him.  Until I find the right moment, that's the plan.
Exercise:  Getting up and down the stairs because I'm already tired when I do that.  Sheesh, hope I get a reprieve of that before I get late-pregnancy big.  Also, slow, slow walks around the neighborhood.
Food Cravings/Aversions:  Still can't handle carbonation or most fried food (oh, no).  The only thing that helps my stomach is any kind of bread.  Hence the weight gain.  I really hope this isn't my biggest pregnancy.
Not-so-Fun Symptoms:  Getting what I thought were "Third Trimester Aches" already, especially in my left hip.  My doctor says it's normal to get them earlier which each pregnancy. Yay.
What I Miss:  My Pencil Skirts
What I'm looking forward to:  Telling people I'm pregnant and not trying to hide the continuously growing pooch.
Anything Else:  The bigger I get, the more and more I anticipate feeling the baby move.  I keep thinking that maybe I did, but it turns out to be just gas.  One of these days, it'll be the flutter that is unmistakable.  ***  The kids wanted to buy new baby clothes for our new baby.  I told them we had to wait until we find out if the baby is a boy or girl.  They asked when, I said, April (next month)!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Gweg Starts a NEW decade

As in he turned the big 3-0, a couple weeks ago!

We had a WHOLE BIRTHWEEK of celebrations leading up to the big day.  After the whole week was done, Greg told me he felt so loved and how it was one of his best birthdays.  Here's the rundown of our celebrations.  I put each activity up on our birthday board, as we got to the day.

DAY 1:  Family Movie Night.  Greg had movie choice for movie night, complete with popcorn.  He chose Star Wars, Episode 4.  Jared completely approved. :)

DAY 2:  Nerf Gun Ambush.  I saw a great idea on Pinterest; it was a picture of a Nerf gun.  This was our re-creation.
Once it was about time for Greg to get home, the kids and I hid up on the stairs.  I gave them each a small nerf gun and I had the same one as Greg.  Here are the kids waiting for Greg.
 We only waited for a few minutes, however, it felt like forever because the kids kept asking me if Daddy was home yet!  They were excited to get their attack on!  We had SO MUCH FUN.  Jared was even brave enough to go up to Greg and start shooting him.  Greg told me later that it was a perfect way to relax right after work. :)

DAY 3:  Date Night.  Fantastic night to add to the celebration.  Dinner and Education Night (our stake does this monthly--- modeled after BYU's Education Week).  We thoroughly enjoyed the night.

DAY 4:  Model Camaro...?  One of Greg's biggest desires is to own a 1968 Camaro.  Not exactly in our price range right now, so I wanted to buy him the next best thing:  a model of that car.  My plan didn't work out the way I wanted to because of the whole 'first trimester pregnant with exhaustion' thing, so I told him about it today.  I felt like I failed this day, however, Greg said it was plus because it was relaxing AND he saw a full rainbow on his way to work.

DAY 5:  Three Decades of Presents.  The kids and I picked out three presents to give to Greg on this day.  Each one represented one of the decades he has been alive.  First:  Pete's Dragon on DVD.  Greg and I bonded over the fact that we both watched this a lot growing up, so I simply HAD get it for decade 1.  Decade 2, the decade every little boy develops a fascination with video games, so we got him Lego Harry Potter 1-4 video game. Decade 3, a steering wheel to decorate his office with.  It represents his love of cars, the fact that he's an engineer and he's 'old' because we got him an office decoration. :)

DAY 6:  Memories of Greg.  In the weeks leading up to Greg's birthday, I emailed friends and family asking them to send me a favorite memory they have about Greg.  My grand plan was to print it out and give it to him, however, I ended up just emailing to him and his kindle (since there are some people we are still waiting to hear from....)  We also went out to our favorite Mexican restaurant.

DAY 7:  So long, Twenties!  Hello, Thirties!  THE BIG DAY.  He took the day off because his BIG present this year was a day date with me to do a Segway Tour downtown.  We had a GREAT time, but that's another {POST}.

After our date, we had a nice quiet evening, with yummy dinner.  Then, we invited our neighborhood family over for cake and ice cream.

 The birthday boy, his cake and special pin the kids picked out for him.

My goal this whole week was to help Greg feel special because we certainly think he is around these parts.  He is the best eternal companion a girl could EVER ask for and I fall even more in love with him each day.

Happy 30th, babe.  You rock.


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