Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy 2012 everyone!

I think our New Year's Eve was a preview of our year to come.  We've got so many thing going on this year, I'm really hoping the Mayans were wrong because we're excited about all of the things happening this year: Greg turning 30, Jiji turning 50, Deda retiring, Megan graduating, Parker coming home, Z & Krystal getting married and maybe MORE!

Anywho--- this New Year's Eve was so exciting... we went to TWO parties!

Party 1: Icelandic New Year's Celebration
Our friends decided to throw an Icelandic New Year's party because they didn't want to try to get their kids to stay up through the actual year change.  So, at their house, we celebrated Iceland's New Years instead (right time zone for the party).

They had popcorn & coloring... A 'ball drop'...and make-your-own noise-shakers.

We also had a photo-op to dress in Icelandic garb.

And a homemade balloon-drop:

Bellie loved the balloons so much she even tried to eat them (silly Bellie).

AND---of course--- a Texas/Icelandic NE wouldn't be complete without FIREWORKS!  True to his nature, Jared watched from a safe distance: inside.  Annabelle actually made it to the front porch.  She got even closer at the next party.

Party 2: Happy New Year
Then we congregated over to another friend's house and continued the celebrations.  Complete with more food... Annabelle LOVED the pistachios.  The kids spent most of the time in their theatre room (so cool) watching a movie.

Karaoke.  I got Greg up there by hanging "Come Sail Away" by Styx over his head.  It's one of our 'must always rock out to' songs.

and MORE FIREWORKS.  Jared stayed inside again and Annabelle and I hung out on the playground set with our friends, Becca & Alex.  We spent the time cuddling with our kids on the swings or watching them spin on the tire swing.

They liked the tire-swing the most.

After fireworks, we all gathered back inside for the actual ball drop, complete with Sparkling Apple Cider and a midnight Kiss.  A few minutes later, we headed to the car...

where the kids promptly passed out.

Happy beginning of 2012!

Let's make it a GREAT year!

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