Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Croup-y Birthday

The Decorations!
Happy Birthday, Bellie! I can't believe you're TWO! Sorry we spent the day lounging around, it's because Daddy & I had to take care of your poor sick brother. Hopefully, we'll make it up to you with a crazy fun Minnie Mouse party on Saturday--- maybe we can even go to the Zoo tomorrow...

This all started last weekend; one of the kids in nursery got Croup. His parents (fantastic people, one of them is a doctor) didn't know he had it until Sunday night AFTER church. So, they went to church like normal; later that night, they were in the hospital. So, a massive email was sent to all of the nursery parents--- starting my croup vigil. I knew how bad Jared gets it, so I just cautiously watched him, waiting for the signs to show up (keeping Annabelle in the corner of my eye because she had never gone through it before). Up until last night, both kids were okay.

My folks came in town last night for the birthday celebrations. We all enjoyed the night, got the kids in bed, chatted, wrapped presents. At this point, Greg went to bed so he could go to work in the morning. Dad, Mom & I stayed up & decorated the living room like crazy. It looked FANTASTIC! We were up until 1ish. We thought of maybe taking the kids to the zoo, parks, or something today, to do something special on Bellie's actual birthday. In the middle of the night, our plans changed.

Three Monkeys watching a show
Jared woke up violently around 3 with a croup cough & stridor breathing. Just like the time when Bellie was a baby, he'd cough, cry, try to breathe & repeat. What made it 'easier' this time is the communication barrier was gone. Jared was able to tell us where he hurt (when he could get words in) and we were able to somewhat calm him down by explaining to him how calming down would help. The poor kid couldn't get any air in. We started our croup routine.

Eventually we calmed him down enough to get some medicine. He & Greg fell asleep on the couch, while I stayed in the recliner right next to them. Around 5, he woke up again because of another fit. This one was bad; so bad his lips started turning blue. It was then when we got the boys ready to go to the hospital.

Helping Oba mix
Bellie & the folks woke up to a quiet house. They heard him wake up the first time, but didn't realize Greg took him to the hospital. Annabelle asked for Jared & I told her that he & Daddy would be home as soon as they could be since Jared got sick. She was really concerned. As were we all. Just like last time, the hospital gave Jared shots & treatments & as soon as his oxygen levels went up, he was able to go home.  They came home in time for Jared to help Oba & I in making Annabelle's cake (he was really looking forward to it).

After their naps, Annabelle opened some presents & we decided Jared was stable enough (and sounded way better) that we could go to one special place for Annabelle's birthday--- Chuy's! Jared ate his weight in chips (which was fine with me, I just wanted him to eat) & Bellie brought one of her presents a 'Punzel' (Rapunzel) doll to play with.  If Jared's good enough tomorrow, we might venture out to the Zoo.  I hope so.

When we got home, Annabelle blew out her candles on a simple, homemade birthday cake (it did have Minnie & Mickey on it):

Since Jared's croup happened, I'm not sure what to do about the party on Saturday. Almost everything is prepped; I think I'm going to call all the Moms tomorrow & tell them what happened with Jared & give them another choice--- but we'll still do a party. Even if it's just family, Annabelle will be happy.

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