Sunday, October 30, 2011

Car Wash Helpers

I LOVE the bright blue of my car. It's fantastic. Lately, it's lost a lot of the boldness because of all the dirt kicked up from our roads. That, & the upcoming Ward Trunk-or-Treat, convinced us it was high time for a washing. The Family Car Wash was open for business.

Jared & Bellie were hilarious; super awesome helpers. Greg let Jared hold the hose a couple of times.
Jared washing Daddy's car
Annabelle had this large sponge; she'd dump the thing into the soap bucket, then walk over to the car to scrub. Each time she repeated the process, she got more on herself and less on the car. It was hilarious.

Annabelle is SOAKED
oh SO WET!!!
 By the time we were done, both kiddos were soaked.

I even convinced them to chase after their Daddy *bwah, ha*, although Daddy got me back in the end.  It was a very fun, very WET way to wash the cars.  I don't think we'll open up a wash any time soon.

UP NEXT:  Halloween!!!

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