Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January Highlights

Here's what not-to-miss from the first month of 2012:
We built rocket packs on our last day of Preschool
The Preschool Group
Annabelle fell asleep on me the first Sunday of late church time

Playing with the camera setting and silly boys!
Jared pushing Annabelle on the swings
Playing in the tunnel
Practicing his golf skills early
Playing in their tents from Z & Krystal

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Tale as Old as 3D time

With teaching preschool this month, life has been kind of hectic.  I'm doing my best to catch up on the blog & other things.  Right now, I'm working Annabelle's birthday party post, but for a while, continue to scroll down for posts (& videos) of our last three months of 2011.

A couple weeks ago, I got an email from Disney mentioning the re-release of Beauty & the Beast, this time in 3D.  Since both our kids enjoy the movie (and Greg & I can stand it :), we thought it would be fun to take Annabelle to see her first movie in the theatre.  (FYI: Pirates doesn't count because Annabelle was asleep-- luckily).  It was a bonus that her other favorite princess, Rapunzel, was in the short at the beginning. (really funny, by the way)

Before the movie
Bellie & Mommy
Greg was worried she wouldn't sit through it & I thought she would sit through the whole thing (she does at home).  We were both right.  Annabelle was still (I mean like a mouse) for the first part of the movie, then she got sick of the glasses, wanted to sit next to Daddy, run up & down the empty aisles (we didn't let her do the last one).  After it was over, she asked to watch it again, when we said it was done, she asked for Rapunzel. :)

Jared sat thru the whole movie, with the glasses on.  He was mesmerized.  Today, we saw a commercial for Star Wars Ep 1 in 3D & Jared looked at me with the cutest excited smile... uh oh...

Friday, January 6, 2012

Preschool Zoo

Since it's my turn to teach preschool, we decided to have playgroup this week at the zoo.  The kids had a great time and it was FANTASTIC to go to the Zoo without a stroller.  Annabelle was harnessed in the monkey and Jared stayed next to me the whole time.
Statue Group...with the most looking at the camera
Kiddo Monkeys watching the Real Monkeys
Komodo Statue Ride
Hanging with the Elephants
Watching the Birds
Another Group Shot
One, Two, Three Little Condors
 We had a great time and I hope to have more zoo trips in the future--- especially without a stroller :)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Final Frontier: Preschool Style

We spent the evening setting up for my first-round of teaching Jared's preschool.  I teach for the next three weeks.  Even though I've taught classes many times before, the first time always sets the bar.  So, in my over-achieving fashion, I set the bar high--- solar system high.

Houston, we now have a solar system in our playroom.  We're talking about the solar system tomorrow, the moon & stars next week, and rockets on the last week.  Hopefully, I won't reach supernova burnout mode before then.

Our kids were really excited about it, and, it be completely honest, it looks really cool.  We'll probably even keep it up after preschool is done.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Our Sunbeam

Jared had his first day in primary yesterday.  He picked his outfit and was SUPER excited to go, especially when he saw his best bud, Caleb.

Here's hoping he enjoys every primary day---especially since it's afternoon church this year.  I can't believe he's old enough for primary.  Where, oh, where, did my little baby boy go?

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy 2012 everyone!

I think our New Year's Eve was a preview of our year to come.  We've got so many thing going on this year, I'm really hoping the Mayans were wrong because we're excited about all of the things happening this year: Greg turning 30, Jiji turning 50, Deda retiring, Megan graduating, Parker coming home, Z & Krystal getting married and maybe MORE!

Anywho--- this New Year's Eve was so exciting... we went to TWO parties!

Party 1: Icelandic New Year's Celebration
Our friends decided to throw an Icelandic New Year's party because they didn't want to try to get their kids to stay up through the actual year change.  So, at their house, we celebrated Iceland's New Years instead (right time zone for the party).

They had popcorn & coloring... A 'ball drop'...and make-your-own noise-shakers.

We also had a photo-op to dress in Icelandic garb.

And a homemade balloon-drop:

Bellie loved the balloons so much she even tried to eat them (silly Bellie).

AND---of course--- a Texas/Icelandic NE wouldn't be complete without FIREWORKS!  True to his nature, Jared watched from a safe distance: inside.  Annabelle actually made it to the front porch.  She got even closer at the next party.

Party 2: Happy New Year
Then we congregated over to another friend's house and continued the celebrations.  Complete with more food... Annabelle LOVED the pistachios.  The kids spent most of the time in their theatre room (so cool) watching a movie.

Karaoke.  I got Greg up there by hanging "Come Sail Away" by Styx over his head.  It's one of our 'must always rock out to' songs.

and MORE FIREWORKS.  Jared stayed inside again and Annabelle and I hung out on the playground set with our friends, Becca & Alex.  We spent the time cuddling with our kids on the swings or watching them spin on the tire swing.

They liked the tire-swing the most.

After fireworks, we all gathered back inside for the actual ball drop, complete with Sparkling Apple Cider and a midnight Kiss.  A few minutes later, we headed to the car...

where the kids promptly passed out.

Happy beginning of 2012!

Let's make it a GREAT year!


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