Saturday, December 24, 2011

Santa's Ranch

Yesterday, our Christmas goal of the day was to hunt down some Christmas lights.  I heard from a couple Friends on Facebook that this place called {Santa's Ranch} in New Braunfels was a lot of fun to take the family too.  So, we packed up the gang, headed to a quick dinner at Chuy's and went off to find the mythical summer home of Santa & his gang.

Since it was on the left side of the highway, we had to pass it to get to it, and, it was not hard to find.  Just follow the Christmas lights glow & long line of cars (since it was the day before Christmas Eve, after all).  To help the kids get through the long line, we packed the DVD player and Christmas movies, so by the time we got to the gate, they were really excited to see the lights.

Here's the rundown (keep in mind this is all phone photography since we currently without a 'camera):

It's one huge loop.  The first part is the random hodge-podge of things to put lights on and then you see the planets.  It was super cool for Jared because I've been trying to get him excited about the Space Unit we'll be doing when I have my turn to teach preschool at the beginning of the year.

Then, after you see the planets, comes the Garden of Eden.  Seriously.  It goes through every major biblical story up until the resurrection (the empty tomb picture is in the collage).  After the biblical stories, you go through the big blue tunnel (seriously stunning) and enter the 'North Pole.'  There were lots of fun scenes there as well; the one above is a ski-hill scene.  Jared and Annabelle kept gasping every time they saw something new.  Then it looped back around to the hodge-podge.

It seemed like everyone had a great time; I kind of want to go back next year and see if they change anything or if it stays the same.  If we do, it definitely won't be two days before Christmas!

Merry Christmas Eve, everyone!

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