Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Holiday Visitors

Since it's the holidays, we've had some extra people around the house.

Last weekend, before she left for her trip, Gramma came down to have an early Christmas outing.  We decided to take the kids to see the Christmas Extravaganza at Bass Pro Shop.  The only bummer about the whole thing was that we had to get tickets to see Santa, which by the time we found out, they were already all gone for the evening.  I guess Santa is a popular guy this time of year.

Instead, the kids rode the Merry-go-round...

and did a little bit of Duck-hunting (with a little help from Daddy).

After, we enjoyed some games on Gramma's phone....

until our dinner arrived.  Annabelle's favorite... Mac 'n Cheese!

Then we had a few days break until Mema & Deda arrived for Christmas.

 Over the week, we'll have some fun doing all kinds of Christmas-y activities... maybe even find some Christmas lights to look at.  Yay for the holidays!

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