Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Eve Festivities

Even though we had family in town, we still wanted to do our annual Christmas Eve get-together.  It has become this WONDERFUL tradition and I hope we continue to do so, with whomever is in town each year.

This year, we decided since Christmas is already stressful enough, to not make the dinner stressful as well.  I really didn't want our evening to get all {Christmas Vacation} on us.  So, we donned our Texas hats and had a Taco Bar.  It was perfect and might even be included in on the tradition.  We also had a few fun activities...

Sharing Popcorn
While we got our house ready for the madness to come, Mema & Deda took Jared to see the new Muppet movie.  He came home talking about all the funny things the Muppets did.

As soon as he got home, though, he wanted to help with the preparation.

Christmas Helper Elves
Dinner ended up being fabulous and then it was on to our activities!  We had Minute-to-Win-It: Christmas Edition & White Elephant.  The white elephant was fun, and all, but the biggest blast was the MtWI.  Each family was in charge of bringing supplies for one game and we kept time on who was the fastest overall and that person won a prize (bag of Costco truffles--- so good, yet so bad for you).

We played a few games before the kids (and everyone else) needed to get to bed in time for Santa.

Gingerbread Man:  The object was to get the cookie in your mouth using only your face muscles.  I got the second best time, Greg got the third, and Edward beat me by a second!

Couple Bonding Time

Jared wanted to try it too.

Christmas Card Table:  The object was to get one of ten cards to stop at the edge of the table by just blowing it.  I was horrible at this game; almost everyone else got it and Edward beat us all again.

See... down to my last card...

more shanagians....

Nutstacker: This was the game we provided.  10 nuts started on the candy cane and using the candy cane, you had to stack them on top of a plate you were holding in your other hand.  Greg & Josh got it to stay for a second or two, I needed just a little bit more time.

After those games, the kids got antsy, so we called it a night... but not before we attempted a family Christmas picture with the tree... apparently I'm possessed with the Christmas spirit. :)

A much better one...

With help from our friends, we were able to clean the house and get ready for the Christmas Eve present tradition.... Jared & Bellie were excited....

to open new jammies--- surprise!
 Then, we all selected down to read the Christmas Story in Luke & tried to prepare for the next morning...  Yay Christmas!

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