Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas 2011

Oh Christmas!  The best thing I will remember about this Christmas is how it was the first Christmas Jared seemed beyond excited for the day to come.  We had been talking about it for a month and then it finally came!  I got a few videos before the present opening...

The first video is of us waking the kiddos up:

Then, we came downstairs:

While waiting for Mema & Deda to come downstairs, we opened stockings:

Then I took a video break during the present opening.  As you can see, we had a wonderful morning.

After the videos, it was classic present opening.  We all took turns watching each other open our gifts.  The kids got new toys, games and clothes.  (He did get the game he asked about in the stocking video).

We saved our Santa gifts until we had my side of the family on Skype, so it was one big Christmas minus the missionary.  Jared asked Santa for Star Wars toys, Annabelle asked for princesses, Gweg asked for a miter saw, and I asked for a new sewing machine.  I guess we were all good enough this year because they were under the tree.  Greg then surprised me with new kitchen pots, I had absolutely no idea.  While cleaning up, we thought the surprises were done, but Mema & Deda surprised Gweg & I each with a new Kindle Fire.  Crazy!

Another great part of the day was hearing my brother who's on a mission.  My parents were able to add me in on a conference call and it was so fantastic.  He called when we were in the middle of sacrament meeting, so I snuck away in a quiet classroom to chat with the family.  It was really neat to hear how much he's grown.  I'm really lucky to have three incredible siblings.

Soon-to-be four because Zak and his girlfriend have decided to get married right after Parker comes home from his mission in July.  So exciting!  They are really nauseatingly cute together and it's so great to see Z so happy.

After church, we spent the rest of the day relaxing and playing with new toys, including the new swing set Oba & Jiji got the kiddos.  They love it; I'm sure they'll ask to go outside every day now!

Christmas 2011 is in the books!  So glad I have a whole year to recover until 2012.

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