Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Warrior Dash 2011

What is the {Warrior Dash}, you ask?  Only one of the craziest races you'll EVER do!  I don't even know where to begin with this bad boy... other than IT. WAS. AWESOME.  Besides me almost passing out... but that's skipping ahead...

We got into this through two other couples.  My friend, Michelle, mentioned how she was thinking about doing the race and she talked to Kim and then they started talking to me.  They also mentioned they were trying to get their husbands in on it, as well, so it ended up being 3 couples and 2 more lady friends.  Seriously, the craziest but best group date EVER.
The group minus one (we made our shirts)


Our morning started off nuts.  We figured the Warrior Atmosphere isn't the best for small tykes, so we lined up one of the best women I know (and her fantastic family) to spend the day with Jared & Annabelle.  They were so excited to spend a day with them and didn't notice when we left.  However, getting everyone ready to leave at the right hour in the morning proved to be challenging.  Greg & I got everything for the kids, but failed to get everything for us... more on that later.  We carpooled with one of the other couples and spent the next couple hours pumping each other up for the race.


Climbing over cars
We figured right with the kiddos, the place was a little to crazy to keep kiddos occupied for a certain amount of time.  The race took place in the heart of Texas Hill-country on a fantastic piece of land full of hills and open valleys to turn into mud pits. 

Actual Race & Obstacles
Basically, the race is a 5K with 12 or so obstacles in the way.  Obstacles included lots of mud pits, walls/cars/tires to climb over, army crawling under logs and barbed wire, fireman's pole, 20 ft tall cargo net, and one last large mud pit you HAD to swim through because of the encouragment of barbed wire above your head.  I KILLED the obstacles, but not the running--- never have been a runner. 

Greg & Josh at the top
Luckily, one of our friends brought a waterproof camera with them, so we were able to take pictures and video along the race.  The three couples did the race together, which is why it turned out to be an awesome group date.  Kim put together a highlight reel, the longer versions are on my youtube page, if you really want to view them, I can send a link.  My favorite is Greg proclaiming at the end, "I hate mud."  Silly Gweg, the race was mostly about MUD!

Amber, Kim, & Josh over the Cargo Wall
I need lunch?
So, in our rush out the door, Greg & I completely forgot to pack a lunch for us.  I wanted to get a turkey leg there for after the race, but I wasn't thinking about snacking before.  I only thought about it when I noticed our friends had packed pre-race snacks for them, but then brushed it aside, thinking I'd be okay.  Big mistake.

After a couple of obstacles and through our first mud pit, I started getting light-headed.  To the point where I had to put my head between my legs because I was about to pass-out.  We all knew I needed food, but where to find it in the middle of the race?  Luckily, Josh was able to find a volunteer who just happened to have his newly-acquired lunch, a Subway sandwich.  Josh convinced him of my dire condition and I happily refueled my body while walking to the next obstacles.  I'm so grateful for wonderful friends.  I felt so embarrassed about the whole situation.  I should have known better; I consider myself an 'athletic' person and I was the one to almost pass out.  However, my great friends encouraged me, didn't make fun of me, and swore up-and-down it could have been any of us.  After my lunch break, we were all good to go, and finished the race.


Oh, the mud
It took us 1 hr 18 minutes to finish at our leisurely pace WITH my 'almost-passing-out' incident.  One of women who came with us finished in under 30 minutes, so cool!  Our whole group finished every obstacle, even the most challenging ones.  We all want to do it again next year.  Personally, I want to see the kind of time I can get without the 'break' in the middle.

Because of the last pit, we were all COVERED in mud.  It was the strangest sensation.  So we had to mosy over to the water-tanker they provided for us to hose off.  Can you tell by my expression that the water is COLD?

Our whole group of WARRIORS!

{THIS} is next year's race.  We all really want to do it again... however, it is on Annabelle's birthday... what a way to celebrate our daughter turning three, right?

Here's the rest of the pictures:

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